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Dreaming of Wonderland

HT is home on her day off sick and lazy so I allowed her to poke around on Pinterest.  No this won’t be a post about the highs and lows of the addictive site but a look at one board she really likes.

We fell down a magic rabbit hole into one Pinner’s ideas of Wonderland.  If only HT wasn’t wearing her Mario pi’js but this glamorous vintage dress from melsvanity instead we wouldn’t have stuck out so much.  “Who doesn’t stick out in Wonderland?”  HT, you NEED to get glammed up when you’re invited to a Mad Tea Party everyone knows that!

Source: via Lexie on Pinterest

After a long rambling walk down the singing tree lane we heard people talking, laughing and having so much fun. 1

Source: Uploaded by user via Lexie on Pinterest

A tea party! Just what you’d expect.  “The board was called Wonderland Eliza.  I’m pretty sure tea has a lot to do with the story.”  Tea is just what poor, sick HT needed.  She tried Chamomile, Linden, Valerian… “Hey those are all sleepy teas!”  Oh what a strange conicidence!  Tea with honey, tea with cream, tea with Nyquil the combinations were so exhausting!  “What! Did you drug me Eliza…. zzzzzz!”

Peace and quiet at last! Click on Lexie’s Wonderland board for more inspiration.  I’m off to raid the kitchen while HT sleeps and have a mad party of my own!


Source: via Lexie on Pinterest

via Lexie on Pinterest


Source: via Lexie on Pinterest

  1. This picture was taken in Ireland by Cat-Art on Flickr.

Explore 2012: New Jersey’s KoreaTown

While HT was neck deep in schoolwork I didn’t begrudge her (too much) when she neglected my blog.  But after  four months and plenty of downtime I told her enough was enough.  If she didn’t begin sharing my genius with the masses again (that’s you) I would put arsenic in her sweet tea and move on to a more malleable mammal.

At first the only outcome of my ultimatum was her short-lived aversion to sweet tea.  But after she went through tea withdrawal came to her senses HT agreed to start posting my words of wisdom 1 as long as she could ease back into regular posting.  If I had known she had such a fear of commitment I might have stuck with one of my trucker friends at least they have schedules they stick to!

One of the trips HT took during her blogging sabbatical was a long weekend pretending she was Korean.  I kid you not.  In 2010 she took the Fung Wah bus from Boston Chinatown to NYC and enjoyed Koreatown for a day but this time they decided to stay in New Jersey and do both KTown in the city and the New Jersey Korean “Villiages” in Bergen County, mainly Palisades Park.  Lo and behold they ran out of time and never made it over the George Washington Bridge 2 to the Big Apple but terrorized the shop keepers and gorged themselves on delicious Korean food.

We spent the first day on Broad Avenue.  Which is full of Korean stores, restaurants, and bakeries 3.  Most of the signs and menus are in Korean so it was fortunate that one of the girls on the trip is Korean and so laid back that she didn’t mind walking around with two squealing girls who pointed at everything wanting to know what it said 4.

Here is a slideshow of the first day. I won’t tell you how many pictures HT took but will say I am still miffed she didn’t take any of me.  She didn’t even bring Frankie on the trip (here’s a picture of him enjoying a coffee break on the last KTown trip) but took pictures of her old glow worm instead. Believe me I’m not making it up.

Now for you Kdrama fans can you tell me 1. Who is singing the song in the slideshow? 2. What Kdrama it is from?  You won’t win anything but props from one fan to another.  Enjoy!


Day 1 at Palisades Park


  1. more like tripe
  2. No matter how many times the GPS tried to make us cross it.
  3. my mouth is watering from memories! the food was soooo yummy!
  4. is was like Disney only better… well tastier

HT gets crafty

While Eliza Leigh is enthralled with the baby truck book my mother got as a semi-joke (hehe) I’ve been revisiting Pinterest.  A coworker, Crafty Katie, has shared some of her awesome creations and she’s inspired me to try a few… of the easy peasy ones that is.

So I visited Joann’s and raided my crafty family’s button jars and am making my list.


  • Yo yo flowers (not to be confused with my new yo mattress)
  • Reusable sandwich bags
  • iPhone case
  • Felt bow ties
  • Fabric headbands
  • Flower galore

It might seem like a small list to you but if I even make ONE I’ll be ecstatic. I suppose I better make my mutant ant something too so she doesn’t go all Naked Jungle on me!!

What about you? Do you get crafty in the winter?  Are you working on anything or have you started a whole craft wish list board on Pinterest like me?

Word of the Week: Fil’lip


Defined as:  a snap or blow with end of a finger, hence inticement1


Word definitions of the weekI always thought it was what you said to the gas attendant.

“That is fill her up. Shall I demonstrate fil’lip for you?”

No HT, stay away from me. Stop- AWWWW!




This word of the week was brought to you by the Oxford Dictionary.

  1. a variation of enticement

Photo Site: krathbun’s etsy!

beautiful rockport flowers

You like fruit, flowers, and dogs?  Then you’ll love this etsy page.  Creative and crafty she shares her fresh, beautiful pictures turned into the perfect card.  Believe me I’ve got a bunch.  Want to see some of my favorites?

Looking forward to see what she puts up next.

I’m not on Etsy very often- do you have a favorite shop?

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Snapped: Seabrook Island at Angel Oak

At Angel Oak

While on vacation HT went to Angel Oak 1 and took so many pictures that the tree got annoyed and dropped the creepiest looking baby crab/weird looking insect on her head. It wasn’t me… and I was disappointed when she just ripped it out of her hair and flung it away without even the tiniest shriek!

  1. CMcKane blogged about it here

Word of the Week: Nugatory


Defined as:  Having no power, worth, or meaning

Word definitions of the week

Considering this is the first Word of the Week in nigh two months it is a good thing it’s nugatory.

“Quite unlike the credit card you opened in my name that went unnoticed and unpaid.”

You can’t prove it. You’re just a sad victim of identity theft.

This word of the week was brought to you by the Oxford Dictionary.

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Interesting Posts from August 2011

Here are a few posts from last month that tickled my fancy.


Sometimes it is as simple as this post by Scott Bourne-> How to “LOOK” at a photograph.

Enjoyed this interview of Bailey & Banjo on pet photography at Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier and am curious if they’d take a picture of my pet.

“Eliza, you don’t have any pets.”

But I have you human.


Found this blog, Instapoem. You write a poem in five minutes using daily prompt. Sounds like fun. 1

Here’s a roundup post by Nathan Bransford that taught me things. Two of them:
He has a forum & there is a REAL John Locke! 2

I saw the movie Cowboy’s and Aliens. Liked it but I went in with no expectations. This post broke it down from a writers viewpoint. Read it.

Pop Culture

James Taylor is offering free guitar lessons. 3 Now if only HT didn’t break hers.

“I didn’t break it- you gave it to your termite friends.”

You told me to be a good hostess.

A DIY from U Create 4

Learn to make your own tee’s with your favorite movie quote or saying. HT what would your shirt say?

“I saw something nasty in the woodshed.”

You need help.

Did you have any favorite posts from August?  Or maybe one in September?  Share them with us here, Facebook or Twitter.

  1. via +DebbieOhi
  2. via @NathanBransford on Twitter
  3. via Open Culture 
  4. via @dishwaterdreams on Twitter

Photo site: Kristin & Kayla

Follow on Facebook and check out his main website.

Photographer dad started posting pictures of his two girls back in 2006.  I didn’t find it until just recently through Twitter and was totally enchanted.  Maybe that is why I picked the fairy tale gone awry scene above. The inventive pictures are great inspirations especially if you’ve got the shutter blues.

Here are a few more I love. Check out the whole stream on Flickr.

In one ear, out the other.

Sometimes they act like....


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Snapped: Seabrook Island Flowers

Seabrook Island

HT went to Seabrook Island, South Carolina this summer.  If you ever get a chance to check the area out- do it!  Walking by the field of flowers a father said to his young daughter, “Don’t pick the flowers”.

Then he turned around and saw the sign.  Unless it is in your neighbor’s yard, please pick the wildflowers and enjoy the end of summer.

“What if you live in a place like Australia?”

Don’t be a wiseguy HT.  Have you finished my sidebars yet?  That’s right, turn the computer off.  No wait, I’m not-”

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