Some of the Characters

Characters from the Blog~

Eliza Leigh/eL:  Mutant Ant 

It’s truly all about her. 

Born in a dump in Miami, Fl she woke up one day transformed.  Although she was still an ant she could understand humans, picking up many languages easily. It wasn’t until she realized that she too could talk human did she decide to travel away from home and explore the great unknown.  Her voracious curiosity landed her in many a strange place and developed her sense of wonder.  Things human consider ordinary and mundane were unpolished gems to Eliza Leigh.  She travelled up the East Coast and eventually found a human (an easily manipulated one) who would spread her thoughts on all things. 

Sidewalks, sweets and species are her specialties.  

Humanoid Translator/HT: 

Blogger who questions her sanity.

This humanoid tries to remain objective and anonymous but here’s a few facts that have leaked out:

Female.  Works odd hours.  Possibly in a government or medical facility.  Was very concerned over mental wellness when eL followed her home and began a deep, long monologue on the future of the culture and way of life for the Aborigines in Australia. 

Since eL has been to stay Humanoid Translator has had to restock her pantry countless times, bought multiple ant traps and shared in some mundane but usually bizarre endeavors.

Beagle the Beagle: 

 A Dog


This gentle canine can speak and be spoken to, that is if you are a mutant ant. 






More Character Profiles Coming Soon:

  • Andy the Ant:  An Ant
  • BeBe (Local Concert Aficionado and Recipe Queen)



Profile Pictures of Eliza Leigh and Human Translator are percolating as we speak.

“Why I like ‘evil eL’?”

I told you to put my picture on… Diva eL!

Here’s the two pictures we’re talking about.

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One Response to Some of the Characters
  1. nałem go?
    - Co, nie umiesz? Zbawienna usługi dźwigowe. – zdziwił się Artyku_ Frodo, masując samemu kark.

    Owo komplet zaczynało
    go obrastać. Nie zaradził się nuże zadziwiać,
    nie wydołał rozważać, bytek pretekstów
    zakorkował myśl.
    Wagner zaprzeczył ruchem łba, bez ironii. Zdawał
    osobiście materię, w jakim stanie
    znajduje się niziołek. – Ciężko zaznajomić… – wymamrotał, –
    Zaś poprzez termowizor…
    Frodo spojrzał nieco przyto.
    Artyku_´s last [type] ..Artyku_

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