We’re Moving!

Welcome to Opinionated Ant, home of Eliza Leigh, Mutant Ant and her Huamanoid Translator.  Beginning  Febuary 1st expect to see all our favorite topics as well as a few new ones here. 

Some Questions We Answer

  1. Why the change?

    Originally at ElizaLeigh.blogspot.com we wanted to add a few tricks to the site.  Mainly pages.

  2. What will happen to ElizaLeigh.blogspot.com?

    Nothing.  We love blogger so much that we decided to keep the site up.  Humanoid Translator tends to break things so it’s always good to have a backup plan.

  3. Does that mean the old site will be updated too?

    Nope.  Highly unlikely.

  4. Any big differences?

    A few.  As previously mentioned we’re adding pages.  This will enable you to find things quicker and in a more organized fashion.   Some more differences are:

    ♦  more monthly quizzes

    ♦  monthly Eliza Leigh Memoirs

    ♦  meet new characters

  5. This blog is so confusing.  What is it all about?

    The short answer:  Two fictionalized characters blogging fictionalized facts.

    The long answer:  Check out our About pages.  There you can meet the characters and learn more.

  6. Who is really asking these thought provoking questions?

    Well, you’re reading them.  Does that count?

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