Driving Etiquette 103

When driving in a snow storm don’t tail and other commonsensical things

If you have the misfortune to drive through a snow storm there are a few things you should remember.  If at all possible Winterize your vehicle.  Have all-wheel drive?  That’s great, but if your tires are bald it won’t make much difference.  Lets break it down shall we:

1 You
You have bald tires?  A light car?  No windshield wiper fluid?
While you can still make it without a scratch being prepared for the climate changes should be a no-brainer.  Perhaps this is why my human has yet to get new tires, refill the fluid or check the brakes.
“Hey!  I was the victim!”‘
Oh cry me a river.  Moving on, so now that you’re car is Winterized you think your indestructible (can you hear that echoing too?).  Believe me you are not.  You take a corner to fast or keep switching lanes and cutting other drivers off you’re not going to make it home without a few scratches.
Use your brain.  You see someone skidding in front of you- don’t go around them till it doesn’t look like they’re going to swerve into you- hello!  If there are two lanes open use the one with less snow.  Don’t pass the plow truck when it’s actually plowing.

2 Weather
Winterizing your car basically covered it but here are a few more friendly reminders.
Don’t pull onto a highway without looking over.  Yeah you can get away with it normally but when you haven’t brushed your car off  it tends to look like a small hill.
“A small moving hill?”
Whatever!  Speaking of that- clean off your car!  I understand if you can’t reach the top some people have short stubby arms but at least wipe off your windows.  Because the minute you cut someone off on the highway and slowly start to accelerate they are not going to be able to see. 
“I think it looks pretty.”
Pretty annoying.  Then the wipers go crazy.
“Speaking of crazy.  Eliza Leigh you seem really crabby.”

3 Other People
It doesn’t matter how equipped you are for all possibilities but if you think that you’re the only driver stuck outside driving when everyone else called in sick think again.  Watch Your Back.  And your sides and definitely your front.  Somebody might try to zip in front of you (they always will, especially my humanoid) but they forgot that their little toyota corolla is lower to the ground then the snow on the road is.  They will get stuck or skid out or slam on their brakes.  It don’t matter how foolish they are because if you plow into them chances are you’re getting sued. 

In conclusion, when it’s snowing call in sick, take a train or a hike and Watch Your Back!


Do you have any tips you’d like to share.  Was there one that you didn’t agree with?  Please share here.
After all I’ll never get my license, I’m an ant.
“Hardly who I’d call a driving expert.”

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3 Responses to Driving Etiquette 103
  1. Meghan

    So HT is this a note to yourself to GET YOUR CAR FIXED?! :P
    I’d listen to Eliza. :)

  2. “Hey it passed inspection!”
    Yeah but you have to start braking three blocks back otherwise screech-slam!
    “Thank you eL for that renactment. How did you know about my car Meghan?”

  3. Ignats

    Who said I knew about your car. Just from they way Eliza describes things it sounds pretty bad.

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