Driving Etiquette: Borrowing a Car

No we don’t mean stealing.  When borrowing someones car there are a few things you should remember~

  • Return the car in the same if not better condition
  • Thank them verbally and in some cases monetarily
  • Don’t wreck it

Return the car in same if not better condition
If you borrow a car don’t trash it.  If you do more than likely you’ll never get to use that car again.  What if it’s already trashed?  Don’t make it worse.  In fact, if you really want to the owner happy, clean their car.  We’re not talking about Monk-style  but perhaps throwing out their old Dunkin Donuts coffee or other trash would be noticed and appreciated.  Of course, there’s always the person who works/sleeps/lives in their car and have chaos that only they can comprehend and they will look at your tidying as a nusicance.
On the whole, if you show people you will be respectful of their property they’ll be more likely to let you borrow it in the future.
If you borrow a car that’s so nasty even the roaches won’t stay in it ask yourself how bad you really need to drive that day.

Thank them verbally and in some cases monetarily
If you are borrowing a car for a quick errand a thank you will do.  If it’s a long-standing habit however (say you take the car to work every night) a thank you is nice but money is even better.  Whether you do it once in awhile or a system is set up between you and the owner it shows them your responsibility and appreciation and makes it more likely you will be able to drive their car again.

Don’t wreck it
This is the most important reminder.  As we all know accidents do happen so just make sure it wasn’t your fault!

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  1. “In fact my last accident was Eliza’s fault…”
    What? Pick on someone your own size!

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