Madea Incarcerated!

Finally we get to see Madea on the silver screen again!  Are you going to the movies tonight?  My l a m e o humanoid refuses to take me opening night…

“I can’t go tonight but I’m definitely going this weekend.”

What about me?

“You Eliza?  It depends on your behavior.  And if you promise not to wear that costume.”

Oh come on, I’m getting into character.

“Hmm, as Korben Dallas says,’I am not going.’”

Back to Madea.  No Fifth Element deviations right now.

“Okay who wants to see Eliza Leigh’s mugshot?”

HUMAN- shoe box!

“I doubt you’d find one large enough for me.  Let’s make a deal, we show your mugshot and I’ll take you to the movies.”

You won’t put me in with the Rasinets again will you?


Deal… I took a mugshot… I think I’d do better without blond hair, what do you think? (oops you can’t see it anymore my record disappeared!)

“I think it’s time to buy tickets.”

On parting note, here’s a clip from Madea Goes to Jail (the play).  We’ve mentioned it before, but can’t help hoping it will be in the movie in some form~

“I’m through, I’m through.”

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