Rambles: Stray Thoughts

Often my humanoid taxi’s people around so we end up sitting in cars a lot.  Instead of talking to each other I count how many trucks go by and she scribbles in her notebook.  Here’s a few of the more recent and bizarre.

Stray Thoughts

  1. I like impossible, infatuated with unattainable, obsessed with could be and happy with reality.
  2. I felt like yodeling on the subway.  I didn’t because I was with a friend.
  3. Don’t fall down the stairs, don’t fall down the stairs, don’t fall down the stairs… again.
  4. Why do geriatrics confuse me for a man?
  5. Doesn’t everyone quote movies as part of their regular conversation?
  6. “Thank you for your cooperation.”
  7. This is why I don’t own a mirror…No, this is me tanned.
  8. “Move on up, move on up down the road…”
  9. Money used to scare me until I lost it all.
  10. I have silver hair- does that make me a superhero?
  11. Someone told me I was dying since my eyes are changing colors.
  12. Tunnel of Doom-sounds like an ancient horror flick or a romantic tale gone horribly awry.
  13. Should adults talk to strangers?   Not strange ones, just strangers.
  14. Is a tire that is re-flatable a flat or a leak?
  15. Why would a ferry be called the Cat?  Why not the Seal or the Whale?

Do you see what I have to put up with?  I really didn’t understand #7.
“It’s a Vampire! H e l l o.”

What about you?  When you have a quiet moment what sort of stray thoughts fly around you empty cranium?

***Please note Humanoid Translator is NOT a SuperHero, a Vampire or Dying.  But she really wanted to yodel.***

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