eL Dabbles with Poetry

“Must you, Eliza, truly?”
Must you doubt me, Human, truly?
“Well it’s your blog.”

Once there was an ant who grew up in a dump.
She neverĀ heard the phrase ‘I can’t’ and gladly took her lumps.
This ant’s name was Eliza Leigh and she was the prettiest insect you ever did see.

“Oh please, I feel nauseous.”
You think you can do better?

Today I went to the store, oh what a find.
On the shelf, killers of what I abhor, a joy to me.
I bought an armful or more, oh what a find.
Now slowly you’re writhing on the floor, a joy to see.
Soon you’ll die, a joy to me.

Now I feel nauseousĀ . Can I go to the shoebox? Please!

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