Sidewalks, Sweets and Species

Sidewalks, Sweets and Species

Welcome to eL’s new home. Have you browsed around yet? Thoroughly confused?  Here’s a few quick links to help you on your way.

Wondering who eL and her Human Translator are?
Check out the Character and FAQ’s Pages as well as the archives.

You already know who eL the mutant ant is but having trouble on figuring her out?
Again you could browse the About Pages, also read Eliza’s Excerpts since these short snippets of her unreleased memoirs which tell more of her background.

What’s the deal with Sidewalks, Sweets and Species?
These are Eliza Leigh’s specialties. Her original agreement with her Humanoid Translator was that she would limit her self to these rather broad topics. Don’t be fooled, however, Eliza Leigh talks about pretty much everything and anything.

Sidewalks covers anything doing with infrastructure, architecture and transportation.

Sweets are about sweets and all food in general since Eliza thinks anything served to her on a plate is sweet.

focuses on ants, humans and small mammals. Again don’t be surprised if she starts following a baby elephant’s story!
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Any other questions?
Read FAQ’s or leave a contact us here.

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