Dog Sitting Beagle the Beagle

This month Beagle the Beagle came to our house to be dog sat. He was supposed to stay for a day or two but his owners didn’t want him back.


Fine, they couldn’t get back over the Canadian border so we had him for a week. Not having my humanoids undivided attention was annoying. Beagle needed walks, Beagle needed food, Beagle needed his belly rubbed, Beagle got to sit next to my Humanoind Translator (HT) and got his ears scratched while watching Primeval.

“Are we going anywhere with this?”

Yes, I was warming up the crowd for Beagle. They’re all yours, dog.

Thanks, Eliza Leigh. Staying in a new house was scary at first, until I realized my humans weren’t sending me to the kennel, then I was slightly relieved. When I met Eliza Leigh (eL), I thought she was a toy, not a chew toy, but a Teddy Ruskbin knock-off. How many many of you know who Teddy Ruskbin is? Being told, quite caustically, that eL was a mutant ant, was believable, after all I am a talking dog. Sadly, humans don’t understand me, but one opinionated ant does. Imagine my surprise, my exultation, when the funny looking bug responded to my lonely sigh.

“What’s your problem, fleabag? You’re living the life here, Lassie,” she whined.

Dejected, I replied, “If only you could understand me.”

“Well, what’s not to understand, Beethoven?” She started waving her arms around.

Reeling in shock, I vaguely remember almost squishing her. After that bizarre conversation my week flew by. Being pampered by the lady of the house was marvelous, but when eL convinced her to translate a story or two for me, let’s just say I’d tell her the exact coordinates to my bone burial site.
Although HT believes eL is just messing with her mind she allows my words to grace her blog, perhaps even monthly.
I’m no wise soul, just a dog, but here are a few words I’d like to pass on:

  • Watch the Dog Whisperer. “It’s not the dog, it’s you.”
  • Take your pets outside, otherwise buy one you can put in a tank.

Come back next time to learn more about my dog sitting visits.


Or sooner, to hear a slightly cranky, slightly crazed mutant ant rant.

End of transmission.

“Eliza, what are you talking about?”

I always wanted to say that. Where’s my ant treats?

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  1. I couldn’t stop giggling, you have an awesome style!

    Looking at all your amazing photos, what a clever way to present your art and your blog, love it!

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