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It’s amazing how easily my humanoid gets distracted from cleaning, filling, anything pertaining to productivity.

“I resent that!”

It’s true isn’t it?

“Still, I resent it… and I’m sick.”

While my humanoid sulks and you are just getting back into the groove at work (a. if you work & b. if you had a long weekend) peruse some of our favorite shots found on flickr.

“What Eliza Leigh means by our favorites is others pictures.”

Exactly, now get back to work!

“Have any of you seen The Fifth Element? Imagine Ruby Rod (aka Chris Tucker) yelling “Commercial” when Eliza Leigh says “Get Back to Work”. I thought you might appreciate the audio.”

I take that as a compliment. Now turn off Fern Gully and put on The Fifth Element for me. Or I’ll eat that last of your 1up Mario Brothers candy.

“That’s Blackmail.”

You catch on fast. There’s hope for you yet.

One of eL’s favorite subjects.


Euclid Dump Truck

by expthermic on flickr

Bonus:  Little Car 


Intl Pkwy

by DL_

Bonus:   LA Bridge & Boats



by Zior_

Bonus:  Section B


Grapes! Grapes! Grapes!

by Sir. Mo

Bonus: Lime-Fruit Cream Bars



by Zior_

(Well not an insect but in reptile family so we’re using it, ssh don’t tell Eliza Leigh, she wanted her picture here ;)
Bonus:  Honey Bee

Small Mammals

Belinha-Miss Simpatia.

by m.cristina

Bonus:  White Squirrel



by astro twilight

Bonus:  At the Fair

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