Back from Outer Space… I Will Survive

“Eliza Leigh, are you singing!!? ”

I Will Survive  What do you think the beautiful noise emanating from my mouth is?

“You’re last breath?”

Human, this would probably be a good time to tell you that I found your chocolate stash… and it is now depleted.

“I won’t survive.  What do you want?  I’m trying to unpack and edit all the pictures from this weekend.”

That’s what I survived.  Not only did we manage to emerge unscathed from the parking garage (how many spots did Bebe need to try out, they were all the same size) but I was tempted with  gluttony and did not have a coronary.  You on the other hand…

“Let’s not talk about food.”

No, let’s.  How many buffets did you go to?  Is Portland, Maine a mecca for them? 

“We went to two buffets.  The Great Wall and Pizza Hut.”

I was shocked they still have Pizza Huts.

“I know, but it was Bistro style.  A far cry from the Pizza Hut I used to go to as a kid, there was some Reading Rainbow book program and we got buttons and everything.  What was it called?  Eliza?  H e l l o?

Back from Outer Space… oh sorry I was tuning you out.  What we talkin about?  Right, food.  Show some pictures of the food we ate this weekend.


I wish you would hurry up and fix your flash player problems so you can upload the little video clips you took too.  Like Greg “I made Bill Cosby Laugh” who showed Bebe how to make frozen Gyoza at Trader Joe’s or How to Make Someone Queasy (that was the funniest/lamest video you made yet).

“Hey that one was your idea!”

Yes, but you taped it.

“I will survive, hey hey.”

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