Snapped: Picnic Time


Once there was a hungry, desperate insect.  Stealthily, she made her way across the lush jungle, all senses fixed upon the brown mountain ahead.  If she could just make it to the precipice, her deliverance from starvation would be there waiting for her.  Dodging great, clumsy giants she scurried as quick as her many legs could take her until, behold the plate!  There before her hungry eyes the delicasies she dreamed of daily.  Right before her grasp were cold, crisp pickles.  Salty, crunchy chips.  Grapes and-  

Oh no, a giant grabbed the plate away!  How cruel, after traveling so far, dreaming so hard her prize was snatched before she could savor even one bite. 

As the ant sadly watched, the giant slowly lowered the plate down into the grass below.  “What?  She’s leaving the plate there!’  The ant began her trip back down, hoping the picnic would wait for her.

“Eliza, are you hungry?  Because, now I am.”

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