In the Garden: Be Warned It’s a Jungle in Here!

For maximum immersion play this song while reading.

“Think of it as this posts theme song.”

Orange-Monster Try It!
Spend five minutes (or more) in your yard, deck or parking lot. Take pictures of things you find, whether they are every day items or buried treasure. Look below to see what eL & HT found. Enjoy.

So out of five types of seeds my human was told to replant, she did three.

“Two out of three ain’t bad.”

Slave, you are no Meatloaf. When it a comes a time fer harvestin, don’t come lookin ter me ta feed yer.

“Eliza, what have you been watching? Or is that some sort of allergic reaction to all the rice you’ve been eating?”

A bunchc’r Westerns.

“Stop yer you’re making me regret cable… again.”

But, but, what about Primeval or The Torchwood Miniseries or Dr. Who?

“Those are all from BBC, they probably have them online.”

, what about Psych, Royal Pains, LeverageMy Manny

“My Manny! Never heard of it. Is it a reality show following Manny Ramirez? You know what, it doesn’t matter. Here I am lying on my blanket beneath an apple (or is it a pear?) tree, listening to the wind and the birds and the tires screeching. It’s beautiful. I’m not going to waste a sweaty, bug-crawling, dirt-relishing moment debating TV with you.”



Moving right along.  Enjoy some pictures from the yard. My human quickly got bored finished planting and then walked around aimlessly with a scarf a la turban on her head.

“Have you ever had a sunburn on your scalp? Didn’t think so.”

You never know what you’ll find. Things that look ordinary from another perspective can become quite extraordinary.

“From the beautiful to the bizarre.”

Wait, isn’t that a TV show?

“TV, eL, TV! Stop with the TV already.”

Wow, we just survived a bird brawl (I think it was my human’s shrill voice that set them off). Good thing you wore your turban, HT.

“Oh, don’t forget the pictures of the drowned ant.”
EVIL! Oh yeah, well The Unusuals is cancelled and I didn’t sign the petition. Pay back baby.

“One word.”

NO! Not the shoebox-

Did you try the Try It! Challenge? Don’t have a yard? Sneak in your neighbors, or go to a public place and take five random pictures (or more) of everyday things. Try it! Leave your musings below.

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  1. Interesting activity! I haven’t done this recently, but I often used to do a similar activity. It was a great activity for appreciating the little things in life.

    Visiting from SITS 31DBBB.
    Deb Chitwood´s last [type] ..“Student Comes First” Word-Art Freebie

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