Why My Human is Not Productive

Cold War Clock
Photo Credit:  Charles Kaiser 

Have you ever wondered where all the hours, minutes, seconds-

“Eliza, we understand the concept of time.  Mostly.  That time space continuum…”

Are you shocked when your day is done but your list is longer than ever?  My Humanoid’s interruption is a classic example of how someone’s busy life become busy.  Does HT (that’s Humanoid Translators nickname) really need to ponder the time space continuum theory?  Is that going to help her write her research essay on dementia?

No!  Instead of being a highly-organized, highly-motivated, highly-

“Are you gearing up for a short joke?  I can feel it and you my mutated friend can not talk.”

Well, all I was going to say is that you came up short…really.  By trying to do everything at once, having your hand in all the cookie jars-

“What kind of cookies?”

Does it matter?

”Yes, it’s very important for me to have details so I can visualize your genius.”

Fine, peanut butter.  Happy?  Now, no more interruptions.  Readers, again she demonstrates not being able to focus on the most important item on her to-do list but is now scrounging in the kitchen, possibly waking cranky humans in an attempt her peanut butter craving.

 To-do list book.
photo credit: Justin See

Do you make lists? 

There are many great resources in relation to to-do’s, agendas and the like.  In fact, here are a few posts littered about the internet on making practical lists and organizing your life. 

Life Hacker’s Doable To-Do List
Dot Connector’s 10 To Do List Tips

Plus, there are some interactive Time Management tools over at Study Guides & Strategies.  The to-do list was interesting.


The most important thing you should remember

besides not using my HT as your example is to accomplish something on your list daily

Not only will you feel the satisfaction of crossing things off your list, but you’ll actually get something done.


an old doodle / to-do list
photo credit:  Ario J

Orange-Monster Try It!
Write a quick to-do list today (simple, no need for Monk-style here) and accomplish at least one thing on it.  Leave a comment here with some of the things you did on your list.
See my challenges aren’t hard.

”Does waking up count?  What you don’t like it when I act like you Eliza Leigh?  See how annoying it is?  Hello?  What was I just doing?”

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2 Responses to Why My Human is Not Productive
  1. For some really neat forms to keep you on track, check out David Seah’s Printable CEO Series. I’m still working on using it reliably (heh. I should not be HERE, for example), but it’s better than other things I’ve tried. :-)

  2. Ooh, thanks for sharing I spent way too much time on his site looking at it all!

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