Noses Grow & Not Just From Lying

Photo Credit: Pinocchio by La Tête Krançien, on Flickr

Pinocchio isn’t the only one with an enlarged nose.  I caught my human despondently examining her widening nostrils.  I found it quite amusing to watch her sigh “I’m getting old”.  I pointed out the circles under her eyes, the wrinkles on her face and-

“Enough, they get the point.  I’m old.”

Well, those were more noticeable.  When I told her I heard ears grew but doubted noses did she argued and repeated a story her grandmother told her. 

“You mean the German fairy tales?  The boy who wouldn’t stop sucking his thumb so his mum cut it off?”



“Or the one where a boy wouldn’t eat his soup-“

 Enough,  Barbarian!  I mean the one where the lady who knew your grandmother when young saw her again years later and  said, “What happened to your nose?”

“Oh, that one, ha-ha.  Mine isn’t growing I think I just broke it.”

You have issues.

“Obsessing over noses is normal, at least compared to talking to mutant ants.”

True but it’s just more verification for your records.

“What records?”

Want to know what makes your nose grow?

They don’t!

Gravity wages an arduous battle on the human body and the nose rarely escapes unscathed.  Between faces sagging, noses drooping and wrinkles creating unique web-like designs, humans are natural morphers.

I still think exoskeleton is the way to go!


“If you’re still thinking about Little-Suck-a-Thumb’s fate here’s a link to Der Struwwelpeter the ten story collection by Heinrich Hoffmann to terrify teach children.  If you can get someone to read it to you in German it’s marvelous otherwise you can get it in English or read it online.”

Noses, human, we were talking about noses.  Focus…oy.

* Photo Credit: by La Tête Krançien on Flickr
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3 Responses to Noses Grow & Not Just From Lying
  1. Ignats

    Freaky pic

  2. One of my human would have been even freakier!
    .-= Eliza Leigh and Humanoid Translator´s last blog ..Snapped Story: Hungry Lizard Versus Sneaky Swan =-.

  3. I had actually thought about this before. I noticed that my nostrils were larger now at 26 than they were at 16. I don’t know what that says about me, whether it’s natural or I’m aging poorly. ;)
    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..[] Fringe – The Pattern Returns in “Momentum Deferred” =-.

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