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Bizarre Things Happen to Bizarre People

You may recall Bebe, the concert diva who we’ve mentioned here and on the hibernating eL music junkie blog.  Since she hasn’t been going to too many concerts (or she miraculously forgets to mention it until afterwards) she’s been busy elsewhere.  Last week she shared an interesting interaction at Stop & Shop with my humanoid who felt like I’d appreciate it.  Why?  I’m not sure but perhaps you will.  Either you’ll appreciate it or can tell me why she thought I would. 

“Eliza, you’re rambling.  How many times have I told you that coffee and mutants don’t mix?”

Bebe needed to run to the store for some feminine products.


What?  She ran out of shampoo and lipstick, what a combination.  Fine I’ll list her whole recipe, I accidentally went into her purse that day.  Do you think she’s missing her MBTA pass yet, hehe.

While picking up her shampoo, lipstick, bananas, Tofutti Cuties (for her cutie- as if) and frozen vegetables (sliced zucchini to be exact) she met a wOman.

Okay here’s a question for you.  Name two movies that had variations of the saying below in it…

She met a woman.
”What woman?”
Woman with a power.
”What power?”
Power to scare you.
”Scare who?
Scare Bebe because…


“Nice try eL, but not quite.”

Who’s the boss?  Thank you, thank you.  Just keep typing…

Let’s try this again and no more interruptions I mean it!

While picking up her shampoo, lipstick, bananas, Tofutti Cuties (for her cutie- as if) and frozen vegetables (sliced zucchini to be exact) she met a woman. While in the frozen food aisle a nicely dressed and sane looking forty-something lady abruptly approached Bebe. Bebe, absorbed in choosing between Purely Decadent fake ice cream or Tofutti Cutie fake ice cream sandwiches did not notice her until the dark-haired woman said, “Why do you girls dye your hair blonde?”

Bebe, the only other occupant of the aisle, who has brown hair with red and blonde highlights looked around confused, “Are you talking to me?” The woman then launched into a fascinating monologue on why men like women with their natural hair color. Some of her arguments included:

  • That her boyfriend of 11 years younger loves her just the way she is.
  • That girls need to be happy with themselves and not try to be something they aren’t.
  • That it really annoys her when she sees this.  And more “I am woman hear me Roar”.

Bebe replied at first, “Does my hair look blonde?”  She was confused.  Perhaps she was still thinking about whether to get vanilla or chocolate flavored desert.  Either way, the woman ended her tirade against “young girls”  by bursting out in a full-bodied rendition of you guessed it Billy Joel’s Just the Way You Are.

The young girls classification should’ve made Bebe happy.

“May I interject?  Eliza, that’s not exactly how it happened.  I think you’re exaggerating.”

It may not be exactly how it happened but she did sing loudly in the middle of the grocery store.  Almost, like you dancing down the aisles.

“Who told you that?  Besides, I think she was trying to make a positive message.  That’s something you rarely do.”

True.  There’ll always be good-doers.  Now be a good human and pass me that controller.  Let’s see if Billy Joel’s on TV.

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4 Responses to eL Bizarro: Supermarket Serenade
  1. Barby

    she really started singing in the aisle?

    did bebe join in?


  2. Brooke

    Yep, she sang LOUDLY and, no I didn’t sing along, I ran :)

  3. Brooke

    btw, title should be Bizarre Things Happen to Nice, Unassuming People. You can’t call me bizarre until I start talking to ants.

  4. Brooke! Who’s Brooke? That’s not her name! Look HT people are reading my blog!
    .-= eL & her “humanoid”´s last blog ..Rambles: Life Lessons =-.

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