100 Day Challenge~ What would you do?

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“EL, I need to tell you something.”

You burnt the cookies?

“No, I didn’t bake any cookies.”

You finally bought my penthouse.

“Isn’t complete control of the living room enough? Now listen this is serious.”

You went food shopping!

“If this is what having kids is like I’ll stay childless.”

Your future non-existent children thank you. What did you want to tell me? I’m very busy watching Bonnie Hunt.

“I’ve been off soda for 3 months now and starting my next challenge.”

What do you want a pat on the back, a cheer? Yay. There does that make you happy?

“Err, thanks. No I want some ideas of what to do next. I’m thinking exercise daily for ten minutes.”


“Excuse me?!”

Sorry I’ll speak slower.  L a m e. El lamo.  You want a 100 day challenge? 10 minutes of exercise is no challenge.

“Oh, well I’m waiting for one of your brilliant ideas.”

Post on Opinionated Ant every day for 100 days.

“Ha, ha. I’ve barely been posting 3 days a week. You start cooking & cleaning & I’ll think about it.”

What about taking a picture every day?

“That’s not a bad idea. Do you have any others?”

Oh, what would you do without me? Prank someone everyday?

“That requires way too much planning. Unless I could prank a certain ant I know everyday, hmm.”

Learn a foreign word a day.

“Eliza, you’re outdoing yourself. Go on.”

Ooh, cook one meal a day.

“And you lost me.”

Fine lets put it to the readers. What would you do for a 100 day challenge?

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4 Responses to 100 Day Challenge~ What would you do?
  1. Sounds like a good idea. Maybe I should give up my weekly BIG pancake breakfast habit for 3 months.

  2. My human thinks that is a brilliant idea. I think it is cruel and unnatural.

    Regardless, I think we should lose a zero and make it a 10 day challenge!

  3. So far, I have been pancake-free for 30 days. Of course, I can’t sleep and I am very irritable.
    .-= Clarabela´s last blog ..Why Are Women So Fascinated By Vampires? =-.

  4. That is impressive! Not the sleeping part or being irritable.

    Sadly, I think it has been about 20 days since I’ve posted a new post on here! That is not a streak that I like- especially when more are in draft.

    Keep it up Clarabela!
    .-= CMcKane´s last blog ..Snapped: Stop =-.

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