Lesson Learned: From Flat Tires


  • People will walk/drive by you and stare without saying anything.

    This didn’t bother me the ten times people passed us by until one man walked by REAL slow and then DROVE by real slow. He should’ve stopped and asked for my autograph. Incidentally, one woman stopped and the two guys that ultimately got my tire on.

  • Make sure you have the necessary tools in your trunk.
    Shocker, I did! Where they came from though I have no idea. Put the jack in the right place.
  • Make sure you put your jack in the right place.
    Don’t ask me where that is since I forgot already. Just not where I had it.
  • If you have a spare, check it for air occasionally.
    My spare is currently full of Fix-A-Flat. Another necessary in your car.
  • It is the whole wheel that needs to come off- not just the rubber part.
    I don’t think I can say much more…
  • Driving on a flat can bend your rim- even if it is only a very, very, very short distance.
    All the times I drove for long distances on a very, very, very low tire without a bent rim don’t count :)
  • If you have roadside assistance make sure you have the phone, card or whatever it is connected to with you.
    Speaking of roadside assistance-ours got lost & told my sister that he wasn’t going to look for us. So make sure you tell them the directions. I guess telling him three times wasn’t enough (okay maybe twice ;) .
  • Stand on the lug nut while trying to loosen the nuts.
    It is the small things that give you joy.
  • “I found this whole post about it on CMcKane’s posterous.”

    That is funny, who is this CMcKane and how did they know about our day?

    Note from the author: Please don’t tellEliza Leigh or her Humanoid Translator they are not real. End of public service announcement.

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