2009 Reflections: 16 Opinionated Ant posts to read while bored

The year was full of surprises and challenges both good and different.  Our posting was sporadic at best but we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.   By the end of the year, my humanoid had a firmer grasp on what this blog is precisely and even a better tag line!

Two fictional characters blogging fictionalized facts.

Although, I’m not sure who the fictional characters are.  Hmm… anyways we also changed the look a few times and have started ruminating on a few new challenges for 2010.  Hope your 2009 was every bit as exciting as ours and share your 2009 round ups below.


Ahh, January seems so long ago.  In fact, we were still posting on Eliza Leigh’s blogger account which is still up with 2008 content.  This was a quick about the author post that may still be somewhat useful.

About the author


Now up and running as Opinionated Ant on WordPress my human was very distracted by getting adjusted to the new platform… don’t tell her but she is still clueless.

One of my favorite segments, Driving Etiquette shares a few mind numbing tips for anyone who is too lazy to walk.  Here is such a gem.

Driving Etiquette: Borrowing a Car


The cursed mall, unless you are a tween or an avid shopper or not afraid of large crowds like my human, is a place to see and be seen.  This post was from shamelessly eavesdropping on the senior citizen nation that relaxes there before the tweens arrive.

Floyd, Thistles and a Segway… Morning Mall Culture


You shouldn’t eat Fast Food, you’ve heard that before I’ll bet.  But you really shouldn’t eat Fast Food when it is slow.  Take my word for it.

Taco Bell, Fast Food Slow

Ever wonder what a Mutant Ant looks for in a film?  Look no further and remember, we out number you!

Five Movies Every Mutant Ant Should See


We all need some eye candy in our lives and before my censors get all riled up, this is pretty close to a G-Rated blog so you really can click on this link.  It really is safe for work.

Favorites on Flickr


A weekend away and both of us sound like were are still on a MSG high from that Pizza Hut buffet in Portland, Maine.  Seriously.

Back from Outer Space… I Will Survive


Ever go to the movies to escape only to find small and not so small distractions driving you insane?  Us too!

Pet Peeves at the Movies: What’s Yours?


Okay, it really isn’t All About the filmmaker but a page full of links where you can get your fill.

All About: Miyazaki

Many wonder… only a mutant ant can tell.

Can Ants Smell?


Another simplistic question you were too afraid to ask… so I did for you.

Noses Grow & Not Just From Lying

This was a Bebe experience at the store.  Share yours.

eL Bizarro: Supermarket Serenade


A challenge that my human only made it for ten days.  I think that is what she originally meant but then made a typo… perhaps.

100 Day Challenge~ What would you do?

A list that you should erase from your memories- Murderers!

7 Ways to Kill a Mutant Ant- or Die Trying


You really don’t want to copy my humanoid…

Lesson Learned: From Flat Tires


Another great reason why my human should not be a role model.

Reckless Photographers: Shouldn’t Cry When They Ruin Their Cameras

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  1. bmckane

    I really enjoyed reading the old posts. They still make me smile. EL i love your take on the world. :)

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