An apology to my neglected blogs

My poor, sad neglected blogs have been reproaching me with looks of guilt that only your mother should be able to accomplish. Where have I been? How could I forget them?

I say to all my blogs (okay, I may not talk to my blogs but I’ve been caught unashamedly begging my camera not to die during its long terminal illness) that I’m sorry, truly, I haven’t forgotten them but lately life has forced me to put them on the back burner, or maybe the microwave.

I’m hopefully going to graduate from a 9 month course this summer and most of my classes are online. It is easy for me to get distracted and with less than two months away from finals I’ve really needed to buckle down and when I’m not studying I’m working.

What do you do when you hit a blogging slump? Do you put up a hiatus notice? Every time I decided too I would pump out a few more posts. Do you reevaluate why you’re blogging? What your blogging goals are?

Any kernels of wisdom would be appreciated… I’ve been reevaluating and reworking my blogging goals for at least three blogs. It feels a bit like spring cleaning, I’m reorganizing and it is refreshing, but the actual cleaning won’t begin well into the summer.

Until then I’ll keep my notebooks of posts and ideas filled.

Your sleep deprived blogger-


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6 Responses to An apology to my neglected blogs
  1. I know where you are coming from here, having been through the “Why am I blogging” question. I still haven’t resolved it, luckily I like the sound of my own voice so I don’t think of it for long. However, when I do think about it, it is still a creative outlet, of course there are other channels with perhaps greater creative potential but I like the idea that I write to no one yet everyone at the same time and occasionally bump into someone leaving a comment doing the same thing and somehow feel a little more connected.
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Sunshine On A Rainy Day =-.

  2. I hit my blogging slump last fall. In October, I only posted 3 times, but I really missed it. Blogging has given me the chance to get closer to who I am. I realize that this sounds very new agey. But if you think about it, we go through life letting our teachers and then our employers set our daily goals. By selecting what you are writing about and what you enjoy, you are cultivating your interests and answering the questions that really interest you.

    I keep a journal about the things I want to blog about. My blogging tends to go one of two ways: something that bothers me, ie, the environment, or things that interest me.

    Blogging is a good way to figure out who you really are after spending your entire life having your family and society tell you what you should be. All the best H.

  3. I understand. It is hard to combine a full time job, blogging and everything else. But I miss you and your crazy insect companion.

  4. Thanks everyone! Jason, I agree I like blogging as a creative outlet, in fact my favorite posts are ususally the unplanned kind but my voice sort of sounds like a chipmunk on helium so… ;)

    Heather, I really like your new agey approach. This blog started as a running commentary between two fictional characters but then somehow I got away from that. I do miss it and eliza leigh & her translator have started having some interesting debates that I can’t wait to share.

    Clara, once I get my juggling skills back that pesky insect will be back. How many blogs are you running nowadays anyways?
    .-= Eliza Leigh and Humanoid Translator´s last blog ..Explore 2010: Urban Decay on the way to Halibut Point =-.

  5. Amy

    I understand. It is hard to combine a full time job, blogging and everything else. But I miss you and your crazy insect companion.

    • Thanks Amy. I miss her too but don’t tell her that. School is over (almost) so I’m looking to relaunch in June.

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