Blockbuster Bargains: 20 Sweet DVD Deals

Sadly our local Blockbuster closed its doors last month and before you scoff, “you still go to the video store”, my human uses Blockbuster Online and loved returning the mailers to get a free movie.  What can I say, she’s cheap.  So cheap that she carefully selected the used movies she bought from the closing store, that is until they went down to a dollar a piece.  Then she lost all self-control.  Here are a few of the movies, I shudder to tell you how many she really got.

  1. Mostly Martha
  2. Inkheart
  3. The Maiden Heist
  4. Vantage Point
  5. Italian Job (1969)
  6. The Spirit
  7. Le Divorce
  8. Mozart and the Whale
  9. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
  10. The Great Buck Howard
  11. Transporter 3
  12. Rescue Dawn
  13. The Marc Rease Experience
  14. The Accidental Husband
  15. New in Town
  16. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
  17. Music and Lyrics
  18. Duplicity

Well, do you think any of them were worth a dollar?  Here are two bonus movies she got for 4.99 each.

19.  Steamboy
20. Star Trek

Which ones would you have scooped up too?  I think we may have to do a marathon.

Human where’s the popcorn?

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2 Responses to Blockbuster Bargains: 20 Sweet DVD Deals
  1. You got some good ones on your list. But Star Trek is a real steal.

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