June is here and so are we!

Hola! For those that you remember me, I’m back.

“Like the leach that keeps on taking.”

If you have no idea who I am or who that was that interrupted me… I am a talking mutant ant and no I am not a figment of your imagination. My name is Eliza Leigh, but you can call me eL or master of the universe which ever works for you. The one you talks with “quotations” is my Humanoid Translator who refuses to divulge her name on here in fear of family sending her to the funny farm. I call her HT, human, slave, that sort of thing. You can read more about us on the about page but really this post is more exciting.

My human put me into forced retirement while she went back to school- I tried to explain that my blog was more important than her homework but my downtrodden pinion never could quite grasp this fundamental truth. Now that she’s done and has some time for me she agreed to begin again.

Just what is this about?

Again, you can read the about page but if you’re lazy like my human then you’ll just keep reading this hoping that eventually I’ll get to the point. Go drink a cup of coffee and come back because this double-hinged jaw is flapping and it ain’t about to stop.

My personal blog to rant about my favorite things; entertainment, words, photography, exploring and more.  If you like strange words, quirky movies and exploring then you might like this site.  It is my way to reeducate you confused humanoids.

What we’ve been up to this summer

Photography~ New camera, more pictures, new portfolio site & Bebe is going to model in our first semi-real shoot!
Words~ More excerpts from my memoir, more strange words and short stories too!
Explore~ Only two DCR parks down but plenty of other parks, cities and drive by pictures to share.
Plenty more to keep your brains fresh. 

That’s all for now

Since my human needs to continue looking for her car keys… at least one out of the three pairs… since she already had to cancel all her plans for the day.  How irresponsible.

“Yes, but otherwise I wouldn’t have posted today… wait a minute.  Eliza Leigh where are my keys?!”

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2 Responses to June is here and so are we!
  1. I am glad you are back. Both of you.

  2. Glad to hear it you opinionated ant!
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..In The Morning =-.

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