Watched: My Lovely Sam Soon

Sixteen part Korean drama tells of a modern day, 30 year old pastry chef who is considered as unusual as her name. Touted as the Korean Bridget Jones, Kim Sam Soon is a foul mouthed, impulsive and genuine character whose story was addicting to watch. One of my favorite storylines was used, but with a term I had never heard before contract dating. Sam soon and her new boss (also her pretend boyfriend) go toe to toe in over the top arguments from the start. Hyun is considered cold, remote but irresistibly desirable by many and throughout the series his angst demeanor and complicated personality are slowly revealed.

Social barriers (disparate class, her weight, and her age), disapproving family, ex’s, and blind dates all are thrown into the pot of love. Speaking of pots this is not just a great romantic comedy but a food treat as well. Don’t expect to just see sweats but plenty of Kimchi and noodles to make you want to rush out to the store.

One quibble that I’ll mention is there were more than twenty scenes, okay at least five, of Sam-skit (Hyun) walking out of his office but since I viewed the whole series in less than twenty four hours it was probably more noticeable.

What can I say- I’m voracious :) .  Now who wants to go to HMart with me?

More about the award winning TV miniseries:

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Review at SPCNET.TV
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