Watched: Le Divorce (2003)

Touted as a romantic comedy based on the novel by Diane Johnson three chicks, one being my Human, sat down to enjoy French scenery, food and wine.  First thing my human noticed on the DVD, no previews.  Since I was busy playing with my new robotic ant I asked Human later if it was any good.  This was her take on it.

The story begins with smooth music and Isabel (Kate Hudson) arriving in Paris to visit her pregnant sister (Naomi Watts) unknowingly entering as Roxy’s husband was leaving her.  The movie meanders down the path of le divorce and Isabel passes the time by becoming involved with an older, sophisticated Frenchman who happens to be a relative of the absent husband.

The painting on Roxy’s wall is practically a character itself and plays a huge role in many  lives. Surprise twists, interesting characters and decadent dishes kept me interested when unpleasant character developments made me cringe but lean forward to see what would happen next.

With quite a cast including;  Glen Close, Stephen Fry as a Christie’s employee and Matthew Modine a grieving and tortured husband, the cast was superb.  Isabel’s character was fresh and likeable until she became romantically entangled with the wrong man and was very unsympathetic for most of the movie but you got to know her and redeemed herself by the end.  Of course.

Afterwards, I told her that didn’t tell me if she liked it or not and she didn’t seem to know either.  If you don’t want to read spoilers then skip down to the quote and trailers. Next, I wanted to know what the other chicks thought.

Chick 1:  “Annoying, frustrating because of the lifestyle differences but glad he got his just desserts in the end- but didn’t expect that he’d be killed.  If it wasn’t for the fact that they killed him I would have hated that movie.”

Chick 2: “Crappy, upsetting because didn’t like main character and thought she was disloyal to sister.”


“Of course.”
“Now we must decide if you will be my mistress.”

Did you see this movie? Or read the book?
This was a Blockbuster Bargain. Check the list for the other movie’s we got super cheap.

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