What’s Your Serenade Request?

A serenade in the city

By Miggslives on Flickr

Lately, we’ve been watching a lot of movies and the romance is going to my poor humanoid’s brain.

“Not true, Eliza. I had a fever.”

She sighs where normally she’d scoff.

“I had a cough.”

And I caught her watching Lifetime movies without coercion more than once.

“It was a mystery.”

Whatever her protests, we had an enlightening conversation of ideal romantic gestures. One is the serenade. Funny, passionate, bad and sweet to be serenaded could be the highlight of a movie. What about in real life?

“Train wreck.”

Admittedly, it might not go as well. But let’s put on the rose-colored glasses and ignore the possibilities of stalkers, screamers and scenes of intense embarrassment.

If a man, or a woman, serenades you, especially in public they are opening themselves up for ridicule, rejection, and are laying their humble heart at your feet.

“Unless they are experienced musicians and/or like being the center of attention.”

Rose-colored glasses, HT. Stop hiding behind that gruff exterior we all know you cried at Treasure Planet.

“Stop bringing that up! Besides it had nothing to do with romance. I got something in my eye.”

Bebe was serenaded with a Billy Joel song at the supermarket. What about you lovely readers? Have you ever been serenaded? What was it like? What did they sing and how it did turn out?

Obviously, my human has never been serenaded. Can we say bitter anyone? HT, if you ever find a man crazy enough to like you-


-what would be sweet music to your ears?

“More than Words.”

How Quaint.

“What?! It’s a classic. What about you, eL?”

She’s a Brick house.

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2 Responses to What’s Your Serenade Request?
  1. You can be quite harsh eL, More Than Words really is a classic that I myself have deafened an audience with, though strictly speaking not as a serenade. As for being serenaded, I haven’t and I’m not sure how I would take that.

    Talking of romance films eL, I saw a sweet one only recently called “In Search of a Midnight Kiss” and I recognised you (or that stunt double of yours) so maybe you like the occasional romance yourself?

  2. Isn’t she cruel! How you can trash that song is beyond me. I’m sure the audience loved it despite it not being a serenade.

    Am now searching for In Search of a Midnight Kiss. I wouldn’t put it past her to have starred in a movie. I know she’d love to be in a remake of The Naked Jungle!

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