Texas 2010: Houston, we’ve arrived… almost

Written on the plane to Houston on 7/30/2010

The cab quickly took us to Logan and once we walked inside we were greeted with a list of delays… miraculously our flight was not one. But all other flights to and from Baltimore were delayed so hope was a fickle friend. We people watched, HT tried to superstitiously to take candid shots, and she shared her amazing tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella sub with me.

This is the first time HT rode Southwest so standing in line by letter and number was a novelty for her. It wore off quick for me when they teased us by making us get in line and then telling us there was a delay. People grumbled, some huffed but HT skipped in glee to the nearest restroom after effects from downing a liter of water. Back in line we got a window sit and then we waited in line on the runway. All these delays are unavoidable when nature decides to grace major airports with thunderstorms and rain.

We made it to Baltimore about a half an hour late but still plenty of time for HT to use the bathroom, again, and Bebe to run around like a flustered chicken looking for some feed. Again this plane was delayed, indirectly due to the weather and the backups it caused.

Now on route to Houston our estimated time of arrival is 10:45 PM. Just in time for HT’s next potty break.

HT Update:

“We arrived in Houston a half an hour late and headed straight to Taco Cabana’s which was… yum!”

This day of travel: Still Thursday & Still Waiting

eL post trip update

Our adventures on the plane ride there and back were varied.  That is another tale in itself.  I feel an opinion piece coming on human so go drink some coffee you’ll be typing tonight!

For more pictures head over to Flickr and browse the Texas 2010 tag.

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7 Responses to Texas 2010: Houston, we’ve arrived… almost
  1. Really looking forward to what EL thinks of the plane trips, since they were varied. Have I mentioned that I love this concept? I think I have, but if not, I LOVE it.

  2. Oooh how I miss Houston! Only been there twice but I love it :D
    Maureen´s last [type] ..Top 10 Favorite Indonesian Cuisine

  3. I can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures from Houston. What a great idea to go for a weekend. Unfortunately, we didn’t get away this year, but we will for sure in 2011. Have you ever thought of attending Blogher. I might attend that next year. H

  4. Welcome to Texas! I can’t wait to see the photos of your Texas adventure.

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