Watched: Duplicity

Previews are the best part of the movies.  Usually.

Bring it On:  Fight to the FinishScary
State of Play-  Have it.
Mamma Mia
Fighting-  On Blockbuster Bargains list

Universal Studios Hi-Def.
Tobacco Free Ad
Psych Season 3-  Sweet

The romantic action spy/not a spy movie starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen has a cool, slick feel to it.  Too bad cool environments put my human to sleep.   Watching it later when HT was mostly awake we bickered over many points of the movie-


Thank you, HT for that interruption.   However we did agree on a few things as well.  Clive Owen plays a mean Artorius.

“That was from King Arthur.”

Whatever, here is my take on Duplicity.

It opens in 2003, Dubai.  In a nutshell; they meet, they shag, they steal things.  Sounds like a Jason Mraz album huh?  Meanwhile, two corporate columorantes get into a brawl at an airport.  The fight between Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson with only James Bond-esque music playing was… amazing.

Five years later, the story begins or does it?  Claire and Ray meet again, this time working for the same team.  As corporate spies working for Paul Giamatti they confound each other and everyone else with their double talk.

The whole movie jumps around chronologically.  2003, 2008, 2006, 2008, 18 months earlier, 2008, 14 months earlier… you get the idea.  It is pretty quiet but I really enjoyed it.  It reminded me of HT’s cooking, once you think you know what it is you realized you haven’t got a clue.

The cinematography was crisp and highly polished just like the acting.  If you want to watch a unique take on building trusting relationships or just enjoy the droll back and forth of two brilliant characters then you should read this blog… I mean watch this movie.

HT’s thoughts:

“The scene when Julia interviews conned female employee that got frisky with her man was great.  She was so still and scary- impressive.

Plus, I really liked the dialogue in this film.  Sometimes repetitive (with cause), sometimes concise but always adding a rich layer to the story.  I liked it much better the second time around.”

That is because you slept through it the first time.


“I own you.”
“I swear to you on all things good and true.”
“That woman knows who I am and loves me anyways.”

Did you see this movie? Or read the book?  Here’s Just Chick Flicks take. This was a Blockbuster Bargain. Check the list for the other movie’s we got super cheap.

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  1. My, my, my.

    You certainly aren’t the typical blogger. This one warrants return visits! I’m over from the challenge. Take care.

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