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Shaun the Sheep: Off the Baa!

This romantic comedy pairs Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr. in a story about assembly lines and layoffs. Sounds sigh worthy right? A high-powered business woman agrees to take over a struggling plant in Minnesota and finds that it is hard to stay disconnected to people in the small-town community.
Here’s my take.
Very, very, very painful. I have to admit, Renee Zellweger is not one of my favorite actors and I truly tried to watch this movie with an open mind. That being said, after about 35 minutes into it I was able to stop fixating on her facial expressions and jerky movements and found myself laughing. I really lightened up around the scene where she falls off the porch.

The story is the same that’s been told before; character is cold and remote but through embarrassing scenarios, kindness from others and a love interest opens up to be the warm, tenderhearted all humans truly are deep inside. Blah! But this movie showed Lucy’s transformation very well. If I didn’t hate her by the end of the movie then you know they did a good job. One scene in particular, when Blanche, who I’ll talk about in a second, gives her some homemade Christmas gifts and Lucy is obviously touched.

There is comedy, the token butt injury is in here as well but I was so distracted by everything else in the scene that it came as much a surprise to me as the poor character filled with buckshot. The chemistry between Lucy and Ted is great at times; fiery, tentative and smoldering they were a good match up. Although anyone would be a good match up with Harry Connick, Jr.

The secondary characters was really what got me through the beginning. Especially Blanche, the executive assistant and Stu the foreman of the plant.  Blanche is what keeps the pudding together. Not only can she do amazing things with skim milk but her warmth and generosity really made me want to become a scrapper. Too bad my human has banned me from sharp instruments. Stu, the rough around the edges foremen is all man; ice-fishing, beer drinking and making animals out of wood.

Bottom line would I watch this one again? Yep.


“You know you’re not so bad when you’re unconscious.”
“[On freezing to death] Especially the stupid ones. It’s natures way of thinning out the herd if you ask me.”
“Oh for crying in the beer-cheese soup.”

Did you see this movie? What did you think? This was a Blockbuster Bargain. Check the list for the other movie’s we got super cheap.

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  1. You summed that up quite well! I saw that movie a couple of years ago. It certainly wasn’t one of my favorite movies, but it was entertaining. Since I grew up in South Dakota, I enjoyed watching some of the endearing small-town Midwestern traits.
    I’m visiting from SITS 31DBBB.
    Deb Chitwood´s last [type] ..“Student Comes First” Word-Art Freebie

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