Word of the Week: Algophobia

Defined as:

Fear of pain.

Last Tuesday, HT who boasts she doesn’t suffer from algophobia had to be sedated to get one measly tooth out.

“Eliza Leigh, it was an impacted wisdom tooth that had to be surgically removed.  Besides I asked if I could stay awake but they said no.  I’d rather be in pain than not know what is going on.”

That’s got to be a phobia.

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7 Responses to Word of the Week: Algophobia
  1. Yeah, I’d say there definitely MUST be a phobia for that. To be honest, I kinda wish they’d knock me out for pretty much any service provided by the dentist. ESPECIALLY the bill-paying part. Is there a dentist-phobia?
    Michelle´s last [type] ..A pending adoption- a wardrobe malfunction- and a sick kid

    • haha I believe there is… dentophobia ;) I was surprised my insurance covered all but a copay!

      Thanks for stopping by how did you do on the #31dbbb challenge?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    This site is very imaginative and fun! i’ll have to keep checking it out.
    melaina´s last [type] ..Famous

  3. Interesting blog about fictional stories. Maybe someday you will put them in a book. You were on the BlogFrog posting for Day 5 just before me so I am coming here to comment as requested by the SITS girls in doing this challenge.

    I hope you have enjoyed the challenge

    Eileen Ludwig´s last [type] ..Plan Next Steps for your blog Day 31 — 31dbbb

  4. one eye open-o-phobia is what I think it is called.

    Cute post, short and sweet!

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