HT is Grounded for taking a blogging break without permission

Occasionally my humanoid translator turns off her brain. I may be the mutant but she is truly the freak of nature. She writes down my words of wisdom in stacks of notebooks but does she post them here? No!

Is this green? No. Did you know I was talking in my best Chris Tucker voice? You would have if you’ve watched The Fifth Element as many times as me.

Since her weekend was already jam packed with activities I’ve decided that her punishment will be two-fold. First, she will have to bring me with her EVERYWHERE she goes. Secondly, she needs to make a video of her first attempt at Kimchi.

That might be punishing all of us, her cooking or her attempt to document it, but I feel it is letting her off easy for not coming here in two weeks! Some posts she still has yet to post that I am anxious to share with you was the big Fung Wah trip to Koreatown. Almost 400 pictures later I have a few favorites. I think I may have her post a few pieces of her forgotten poetry too. Talk about humiliation galore!

What about you? Do you ever get caught up and forgot to post or stare at the screen and whine, “I don’t wanna”?

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2 Responses to HT is Grounded for taking a blogging break without permission
  1. Surely that should be in your best Bruce Willis voice when he gets annoyed with Chris Tucker’s character, or has HT not pushed you that far (this week)?

    As for punishment you should definitely get her to publish some of that forgotten poetry.
    Jason´s last [type] ..Helen Levitt 1913 – 2009

    • Haha. Perhaps when Bruce Willis has him in a choke hold “super green”. Thank you now I want to watch it… again!

      Might make her post some or some short-shorts that she wrote at a workshop last weekend.
      Eliza Leigh and Humanoid Translator´s last [type] ..Snapped- City Views

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