Word of the Week: Oils of Gladness

Oils of Gladness is defined as:

I will anoint you with the oil of gladness; ironically spoken for, I will beat you.
1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose

Human, due to your time spent writing novels that are not about me I will anoint thee with my powerful, awe-inspiring oil of gladness.

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4 Responses to Word of the Week: Oils of Gladness
  1. Oh dear!
    Perhaps the modern version of the Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue is the Urban Dictionary where to ‘beat that’ would mean something very different, even though it seems the same. Isn’t our language littered with wonderful phrases !
    Sorry for being vulgar.

    Is HT writing a Regency style novel eL, I don’t imagine you would approve especially since they are not featuring you, maybe you could get her to revert back to the Bee Movie styles or further the Ant Movie Movement? Sounds very interesting though.
    Jason´s last [type] ..Homage Project- Photographers

    • I like the way you think Earthling- Ant Movie Movement indeed. She is writing or planning to write a regency for NaNoWrimo next month but with all these Jane Austen/Monster collaborations I think there could be a HUGE fan base for mutant ants crashing the Almack’s don’t you? The problem would be finding a jewel encrusted tiara that won’t irritate my exoskeleton and finding a worthy waltzing partner.

      She has promised that after November she’ll work on my Memoirs though I’m really thinking she should write her first steampunk with a strong, gorgeous female as the hero. Me, naturally.

      “Jason, the only thing I find vulgar is your pandering to her delusions… or my delusions since I haven’t decided if she is a sign of insanity or not yet.”

      I’m not imaginary HT but that doesn’t mean your not insane.
      Eliza Leigh and Humanoid Translator´s last [type] ..Summer 2010 Theme Song

  2. Ah yes Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’m sure Mansfield Park would be much improved (over the zombies) with mutant Ants running around.

    Pandering? Perhaps I would be pandering if she does turn out to be your delusion but I’m sure I’ve seen her uploading pictures on a famous photo site so fear not for your sanity eL, don’t let her make you think otherwise. :)

    I do hope the NaNoWrimo goes well.
    Jason´s last [type] ..Some Welcomed Relief

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