Word of the Week: Natty Lads

Natty Lads is defined as:
Young thieves or pickpockets.
1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose

This cant term could describe a few of my humanoid’s adorable cousins.  When one was five the natty lad tried to take his auntie’s pillow.  Please he begged adorably when caught and it worked too!

“See I was thinking that all ants were natty lads at a picnic.”

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2 Responses to Word of the Week: Natty Lads
  1. I’m sorry to agree eL but I think HT has it here, nicking picnic sandwiches and Swiss Roll, you do get up to some tricks.
    Jason´s last [type] ..Studio Shoot Two- Mac Adams Homage

  2. Et tu? Humans think just because they slave over making picnic feasts it entitles them to eating it! Then I think from now on I should be a natty lassie and so should HT because those chips she is eating right now- SO not hers!
    Eliza Leigh and Humanoid Translator´s last [type] ..Past Pet Peeves

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