Zombie Frank is Missing & 10 places he could be

We arrived back in Boston earlier today but it was while on our direct flight, between the snacks and a Blue Moon that my Human (HT) realized that Zombie Frank was not with the rest of the motley crew. At first she wasn’t concerned, this could have been due to the Blue Moon or her haphazard packing the night before and she just assumed he’d turn up.

I am not too concerned myself after all he is a zombie finger puppet- it isn’t like he can die. On this trip along with 1up, Mr. Big, Anti (my ant stunt double) and Zombie Frank, HT brought along Star yet another Mario Brothers creature. They all got a picture or two but it was Zombie Frank’s time to shine; he got special treatment in Saint Augustine in front of some old fort, meeting and conversing with a ten month old baby as well as hanging out at the Asian gardens in the Jacksonville Zoo.

Rather than frantically rip apart her still packed luggage I’ve convinced HT to eat some more chocolate and imagine where he could be. Here are the top ten likely places (not including her luggage).

One-  Still lounging by the koi pond at the Jacksonville Zoo

Two-  Rolling around on the floor of a jetBlue plane

Three-  The new best friend of a gorilla

Four-  Eating that last piece of addictive cake back in Jacksonville

Five-  Hitching a ride back to the yummiest ice cream place on St. George’s street in St. Augustine

Six-  Inside Mr. Big… he sometimes gets a hankering for zombie meat

Seven-  Mistakenly thrown in the trash

Eight-  Left in the airport

Nine-  Dropped into a toilet and now surfing through underwater streams

Ten-  Kidnapped by aliens who are now going to teach him how to take out the evil Dr. Rush on Stargate Universe (Okay the last one can’t count since Dr. Rush could clearly take out all the aliens and Zombie Frank with just a glare from his piercing eyes)

Really Ten but technically Eleven-  A new chew toy for a rather adorable Chihuahua

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