Snapped: Seabrook Island at Angel Oak

At Angel Oak

While on vacation HT went to Angel Oak 1 and took so many pictures that the tree got annoyed and dropped the creepiest looking baby crab/weird looking insect on her head. It wasn’t me… and I was disappointed when she just ripped it out of her hair and flung it away without even the tiniest shriek!

  1. CMcKane blogged about it here
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  1. Heather

    Oh MY! You’ve changed your lay-out. It looks so good. I’m thinking of moving over to WordPress myself. I’m getting close to 400 posts now and want a new challenge. All the best c. Things are looking great, and your photography is fabulous! Congrats. H

    • Eliza Leigh & HT

      Hi H! Sorry, I haven’t been on here in a long time… schoolwork took over my life! Thank you so much even though the new theme has been up for awhile I’m not that familiar with it.

      I like WordPress and Blogger (and still tinker with both) I know I did the switch with this blog completely backwards. Congrats on almost 400! That is awesome.

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