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Fictionalized characters blogging fictionalized facts.

This fictional blog follows two main characters; Eliza Leigh (Mutant Ant) and her Humanoid Translator who “interrupts continuously”.  Eliza Leigh (or eL for short) stumbled upon an easily manipulated human when she traveled from South Florida to Boston. Humanoid Translator (also called HT, Humanoid, Human and Slave by Eliza Leigh) hasn’t yet decided if she should seek medical treatment for her annoying hallucinations.

What’s the point of this blog?

Eliza Leigh has decided that since she has become a mutant and can talk she must be more intelligent than other life forms. With the help of her Humanoid Translator she blogs her opinions of things from movies to weird words. Plus, expect to see random pictures of trucks, fire hydrants and anyone in costume.



If you want to get a glimpse of what’s going on in Eliza Leigh’s mutant brain, check out our welcome page to get a taste. This site is constantly evolving but here are a few topics that you may find. Entertainment, Eliza’s OpinionsPhotography, & Word.

Who’s the real person behind this blog?

OccularIf you promise not to tell eL or HT… check out Author’s post.
She works third shift, takes pictures while walking/eating/driving and uses @opinionatedant to keep up with some interesting characters (real and fictional).

She is working on a new blog Annuary Chit right now to follow her yearly “bucket list”..

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Lastly, this blog is a learning experience so don’t be alarmed if the theme changes, or some widgets. Any feedback or ideas are appreciated and if you happen to spot eL leave a comment below or contact us here.

Happy Reading!

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