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Snapped: Zombie Frank loves sweets

I changed the picture of the week because it wasn’t uploading right. So back to my flickr pictures. Here is Zombie Frank taking a break in a delicious coffee place in Koreatown.

Your Pet Peeves

As told by Humanoid Translator While Eliza Leigh is jumping on the keys of my cell phone in the other room, no doubt leaving obnoxious tweets, I’m commandeering her blog yet again to share some more pet peeves with you.  These are unique because they were shared as comments in the post 10 More Pet…

10 More Pet Peeves

As told by Human Translator I enjoyed sharing my rage inducers so much in my last post, 10 things that may one day make me snap, that I put Eliza Leigh in timeout, the shoe box to be precise, so I could share 10 more pet peeves.

10 things that may one day make me snap

As told by human translator while Eliza Leigh is still in a sugar induced coma I am an easy going person; you’d have to be to put up with a highly opinionated mutant ant like eL. However, there are a few things that slip under my skin and make me hold back my Hulk-like transformation…

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