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I broke it already!

HT was busy eating Pho and I jumped on all the keys until I messed everything up.  Now you know I’m back :) While she’s polishing up the site I’ll be ordering school books for her.

And we’re back!

Frankie enjoying his summer vacation

Summer is almost over and after months of fighting with Humanoid Translator (HT) she finally agreed to start blogging for me again. I don’t know why she was so upset with me. So what if I stole her identity- we live in the same house you’d think she’d become suspicious when Godiva chocolate was delivered daily, sent by a “secret” admirer. Surprise, I was secretly admiring myself! Isn’t that what all single girls do?

Here’s a rough list of what you’ll find here:

Photo Site- I’ll share one of my favorite photographer or website
Snapped- Picture of the Week
Word of the Week- bizarre & forgotten words you should add to your next conversations
10 Lines- 10 sentence micro stories
Word Site- A author or writing resource site that we dig
Monthly Movies- Pop culture posts
Life Lessons- From monthly movies, daily life & photography mishaps
Rants- Bantering between HT & me

So welcome back- as usual we’re under construction but as another concession HT bought a theme so what you see right now is pretty much the way it’s going to look. Want to hear another exciting concession? We’re having a giveaway this month so be sure to check back later this week to hear about that!!

“It doesn’t seem right that you were the one to do something wrong yet I’m getting all these things for you.”

I know, HT, I know! It’s like I’m eating the chocolate right out of your hand.

Guest Posted on Sweet Jeanette

Sweet Jeanette

Hi, C.McKane here.  Don’t tell HT or eL I’m sneaking on their blog.  Just wanted to share my first guest post is on Sweet Jeanette’s site today.  It isn’t about ants or easily confused humans and it doesn’t even have people talking in quotations but it is about one of my favorite subjects… food!

If you like the idea of bulk cooking or just want to get away from eL, she can get pretty bossy for a mutant ant, go check it out.

This November I’m doing NaNoWriMo again, you can squeal with me, so I’ll be spending most of my time writing but eL won’t get lonely I’m planning on taking the Motley Crew on a short trip to Florida.

Have a great weekend & remember to keep this visit between us!

June is here and so are we!

Hola! For those that you remember me, I’m back.

“Like the leach that keeps on taking.”

If you have no idea who I am or who that was that interrupted me… I am a talking mutant ant and no I am not a figment of your imagination. My name is Eliza Leigh, but you can call me eL or master of the universe which ever works for you. The one you talks with “quotations” is my Humanoid Translator who refuses to divulge her name on here in fear of family sending her to the funny farm. I call her HT, human, slave, that sort of thing. You can read more about us on the about page but really this post is more exciting.

My human put me into forced retirement while she went back to school- I tried to explain that my blog was more important than her homework but my downtrodden pinion never could quite grasp this fundamental truth. Now that she’s done and has some time for me she agreed to begin again.

Just what is this about?

Again, you can read the about page but if you’re lazy like my human then you’ll just keep reading this hoping that eventually I’ll get to the point. Go drink a cup of coffee and come back because this double-hinged jaw is flapping and it ain’t about to stop.

My personal blog to rant about my favorite things; entertainment, words, photography, exploring and more.  If you like strange words, quirky movies and exploring then you might like this site.  It is my way to reeducate you confused humanoids.

What we’ve been up to this summer

Photography~ New camera, more pictures, new portfolio site & Bebe is going to model in our first semi-real shoot!
Words~ More excerpts from my memoir, more strange words and short stories too!
Explore~ Only two DCR parks down but plenty of other parks, cities and drive by pictures to share.
Plenty more to keep your brains fresh. 

That’s all for now

Since my human needs to continue looking for her car keys… at least one out of the three pairs… since she already had to cancel all her plans for the day.  How irresponsible.

“Yes, but otherwise I wouldn’t have posted today… wait a minute.  Eliza Leigh where are my keys?!”

Eliza Leigh Portraits

eL pic by eliopoulos
eL pic by chris eliopoulos

Finally, my Humanoid has uploaded some beautiful pieces of artwork. As in me, of course.

Many months ago, HT got her timing right (this is very rare) and started following Chris Eliopoulos (Cartoonist i.e. Misery Loves Sherman) on Twitter in time to get a drawing done.  Since she was able to get anything drawn, naturally she chose me.

“Not that I had a choice, I really wanted to ask if he could draw a reflexology treatment.”

Boring and stop squinting.

“I can’t help it, it’s from all the ocular eye shots I’ve been taking lately. Anyone have any eye shots they’d like to share so my poor beady eyes can take a break?”

What happened to your last victim? I mean volunteer?

“They went blind.”

Ouch, I hope you have liability insurance. Back to my beautiful pictures, here is a sample of some from very gifted artists.

eL pic by eliopoulos
eL pic by chris eliopoulos


boeLpic5 anonymous (until we find out what he wants to be known as.  eL drawings today the Louvre tomorrow)

“I especially like these…
boeLpic6It captures one of my favorite fantasies.”

EVIL!! Now I’m going to tell you the Primeval spoiler…

“More eL pictures coming as we type. Have you seen her about? Let us know or drop your clean link in the comments below.”

How come you always get to say the legal mumbo jumbo?

“Now who’s sulking?”

Sidewalks, Sweets and Species

Sidewalks, Sweets and Species

Welcome to eL’s new home. Have you browsed around yet? Thoroughly confused?  Here’s a few quick links to help you on your way.

Some Eliza Leigh Pictures

Here’s a few pictures of our resident mutant ant. They weren’t drawn by a five year old, I checked three times, but my very own human translator.
“Hey, they look like a first-grade school project at least!”
More to come soon. 

Some of the Characters

Characters from the Blog~

Eliza Leigh/eL:  Mutant Ant 

It’s truly all about her. 

Born in a dump in Miami, Fl she woke up one day transformed.  Although she was still an ant she could understand humans, picking up many languages easily. It wasn’t until she realized that she too could talk human did she decide to travel away from home and explore the great unknown.  Her voracious curiosity landed her in many a strange place and developed her sense of wonder.  Things human consider ordinary and mundane were unpolished gems to Eliza Leigh.  She travelled up the East Coast and eventually found a human (an easily manipulated one) who would spread her thoughts on all things. 

Sidewalks, sweets and species are her specialties.  

Humanoid Translator/HT: 

Blogger who questions her sanity.

This humanoid tries to remain objective and anonymous but here’s a few facts that have leaked out:

Female.  Works odd hours.  Possibly in a government or medical facility.  Was very concerned over mental wellness when eL followed her home and began a deep, long monologue on the future of the culture and way of life for the Aborigines in Australia. 

Since eL has been to stay Humanoid Translator has had to restock her pantry countless times, bought multiple ant traps and shared in some mundane but usually bizarre endeavors.

Beagle the Beagle: 

 A Dog


This gentle canine can speak and be spoken to, that is if you are a mutant ant. 






More Character Profiles Coming Soon:

  • Andy the Ant:  An Ant
  • BeBe (Local Concert Aficionado and Recipe Queen)



Profile Pictures of Eliza Leigh and Human Translator are percolating as we speak.

“Why I like ‘evil eL’?”

I told you to put my picture on… Diva eL!

Here’s the two pictures we’re talking about.

About the Author


The “creator” of this blog has been called many things and unique is just one of them.

C. McKane is a massage therapist, novice writer and like the fictional translator works nights.  She believes that being dropped on her head not only stunted her growth but effected her perception of the world.

Currently, C. McKane divides her time between a myriad of projects, work, annoying her family and terrorizing unsuspecting victims (all the while blaming a pesky mutant ant). 

She occasionally writes at her massage blog and is sharing her first NaNoWriMo experience over at Word Dabbler.
C. McKane is on Twitter as herself and as Opinionated Ant.

I sun you
Questions?  Ideas?  Rants?
Use our Contact form to give her your story.

UPDATE:  Currently in school C.McKane has become more sleep deprived than ever which means, posting may be a bit sporadic and unintelligible. 

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