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Ribbit Ribbit: Blog Hopping #31DBBB Style

Yesterday, someone hacked into my blog and signed my Human and I up for some challenge.  You can read the post here if you don’t believe me.  At first, I was angry, appalled, anxious… upset until I realized that meant my human would be working on my blog for 31 days in a row instead of a year.  Then I was elated, ecstatic, euphoric… happy.

Same old challenge with a twist

A friendly message from the author:

 It has been awhile since I did the 31 days to build a better blog challenge, the last time I started it I only lasted a few days.  Hopefully, by the end of it I’ll have a cleaned up blog, fix all the broken links, spiff up the about pages and figure out what this blog is really about.

Well I already know it is to blow off steam and have fun but perhaps it can be done in a more organized fashion.  There are some other bloggers gearing up for the challenge by Problogger, BlogFrog and SITS Girls  and one is a favorite of mine @Clarabela over at Just Chick Flicks.

It starts on 7/19/2010 so if you want to hop on just read this post to get started. 

Even though Eliza Leigh is a fictional and bossy mutant ant  I think she at least is excited since that means more posts on her blog.

2010 Challenges

This year my human has signed up for a few blogging related challenges.  All without my permission.

“But Eliza, they are for you.”

Pshaw, I don’t want to go to State Parks in the middle of the winter to take pictures.  I’m an insect… we hibernate. What? Fine, I may not bulk up to stay warm like some but I’m from South Florida and it is cold outside.

“What about Project 52? You read about it on one of your favorite blogs, The Unexpected Twists and Turns, remember?”

Yeah, the post a week pledge.  I am pretty excited about it and Human I’m not counting the Weeklies.  Between the DCR Parks and Movies from Books segments I’m sure you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy.

Better get writing.

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