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HT gets crafty

While Eliza Leigh is enthralled with the baby truck book my mother got as a semi-joke (hehe) I’ve been revisiting Pinterest.  A coworker, Crafty Katie, has shared some of her awesome creations and she’s inspired me to try a few… of the easy peasy ones that is.

So I visited Joann’s and raided my crafty family’s button jars and am making my list.


  • Yo yo flowers (not to be confused with my new yo mattress)
  • Reusable sandwich bags
  • iPhone case
  • Felt bow ties
  • Fabric headbands
  • Flower galore

It might seem like a small list to you but if I even make ONE I’ll be ecstatic. I suppose I better make my mutant ant something too so she doesn’t go all Naked Jungle on me!!

What about you? Do you get crafty in the winter?  Are you working on anything or have you started a whole craft wish list board on Pinterest like me?

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