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Video of the Week: The Warning

The Warning from Jeremy Bartel on Vimeo.

Video of the week: Tatooine

We’re in Florida! Ha ha. But don’t be sad watch this video. It will make you smile even while you are jealous as HT & I are on a ferris wheel, eating fried dough, and terrorizing my home state.

Jeremy Messersmith – Tatooine from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Video of the Week: Le Royaume (The King & the Beaver)

Le Royaume from Sébastien Hary on Vimeo.

It has been some time since the last video of the week, four months actually, but when I saw this one I made HT post it.  I love it, it reminds me of someone…

“You’re the bossy King & I’m the hardworking Beaver.”

No, that’s not it.  I don’t think anyone could call you hardworking!

Video of the Week: Summer Time Stress

All right now before you watch this video, which is almost 5 minutes long but pay close attention around the minute mark, put yourself into the boy’s shoes… err swim trunks… just pretend you’re him okay!  Then after you are afraid you’re going to fall to your death from the lifeguard’s stoop-

“Hey it is a steep drop.”

I bet you’ve gotten stuck on a chair before too human, in your short case probably the one in the kitchen.  But back to the video, ask yourself if you were his dad would you have been so patient with him?  Or if you were the mother after almost five minutes would you have got up there and coaxed him down with a gentle pat on the back?

“I think you’d be cackling Eliza.”

No someone else is already doing that.

Have you ever gotten up somewhere but were afraid to come back down?  This boy overcomes his fear with the help of his loving parents…Enjoy.

Video of the Week: Earthquake Tragedy in Haiti

Yesterday’s 7.0 earthquake was followed by aftershocks of smaller magnitude but the damage done to the region was catastrophic.  The earthquake struck 10 miles outside the capital of Haiti, causing incomprehensible destruction in the densely populated city while those in Santo Domingo rushed out of their homes during tremors.  With buildings flattened and more barely standing, the amount of people dead or injured is yet unclear but is estimated to be in the thousands.

According to an article on Live Science, there are reports of escaped inmates after the main prison in the capital collapsed today.  Another article from ABC talks about Disaster Relief.

Here is a PhotoEssay from today and yesterday.  Thinking of those effected by this disaster.

Video of the Week: Nota from Sing Off

Do I really need to say more?  They had so many great performances but ding-a-ling hitting those notes is not easy, especially a capella.  Believe me, as a gifted mutant ant even I struggle to- ahhh, stay alive!

“Why are you running away from me Eliza Leigh?  Come back it is only your medicine.”

*Update: Orginally I found a great clip of Nota on YouTube but then TheSingOff channel took them all down.  Waaa!  Ooh, but instead I found the jackpot uploaded from RickeyTVX aka Rickey.Org *

Video of the Week: Again, Again! Teletubbies dance to Coldplay

Someone shared this with us and now I want my human to put on a tutu and dance around the apartment singing this.  HA HA HA!

“You see what I have to put up with?  Anyone want to adopt a mutant ant?”

Video of the Week: Her Lion’s Jump by Regganenights

Enjoyable and packed with an array of emotions.

Her Lion’s Jump from Reggaenights on Vimeo.

Video of the Week: Rock Bottom by Bob Lorrimer

One of the coolest things about this short film is his voice and facial expressions.

ROCK BOTTOM from bob lorrimer on Vimeo.

Video of the Week: Base Jumping in Norway

There were so many different verisons of this clip on YouTube, one even with the song Flying Horses (want to watch that one instead?) but here is any amazing excerpt from Seven Sunny Days.

The 2007 movie was put out by Matchstick Productions.  Have you tried it?

“I’ve stood on a base and jumped up and down does that count?”

Was that the same game your sandal flew off and you needed a knee brace all summer?  Then no that doesn’t count. Please.

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