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Explore 2012: New Jersey’s KoreaTown

While HT was neck deep in schoolwork I didn’t begrudge her (too much) when she neglected my blog.  But after  four months and plenty of downtime I told her enough was enough.  If she didn’t begin sharing my genius with the masses again (that’s you) I would put arsenic in her sweet tea and move on to a more malleable mammal.

At first the only outcome of my ultimatum was her short-lived aversion to sweet tea.  But after she went through tea withdrawal came to her senses HT agreed to start posting my words of wisdom 1 as long as she could ease back into regular posting.  If I had known she had such a fear of commitment I might have stuck with one of my trucker friends at least they have schedules they stick to!

One of the trips HT took during her blogging sabbatical was a long weekend pretending she was Korean.  I kid you not.  In 2010 she took the Fung Wah bus from Boston Chinatown to NYC and enjoyed Koreatown for a day but this time they decided to stay in New Jersey and do both KTown in the city and the New Jersey Korean “Villiages” in Bergen County, mainly Palisades Park.  Lo and behold they ran out of time and never made it over the George Washington Bridge 2 to the Big Apple but terrorized the shop keepers and gorged themselves on delicious Korean food.

We spent the first day on Broad Avenue.  Which is full of Korean stores, restaurants, and bakeries 3.  Most of the signs and menus are in Korean so it was fortunate that one of the girls on the trip is Korean and so laid back that she didn’t mind walking around with two squealing girls who pointed at everything wanting to know what it said 4.

Here is a slideshow of the first day. I won’t tell you how many pictures HT took but will say I am still miffed she didn’t take any of me.  She didn’t even bring Frankie on the trip (here’s a picture of him enjoying a coffee break on the last KTown trip) but took pictures of her old glow worm instead. Believe me I’m not making it up.

Now for you Kdrama fans can you tell me 1. Who is singing the song in the slideshow? 2. What Kdrama it is from?  You won’t win anything but props from one fan to another.  Enjoy!


Day 1 at Palisades Park


  1. more like tripe
  2. No matter how many times the GPS tried to make us cross it.
  3. my mouth is watering from memories! the food was soooo yummy!
  4. is was like Disney only better… well tastier

Blizzard extended our vacation

Our semi-surprise trip to visit HT’s family has been full of unexpected developments. Two really big ones were the huge storm that swept through the East Coast crippling all forms of transportation and the reappearance of Zombie Frank! More about his triumphant return later.
You can imagine that both events filled us with glee but when it was time to leave HT’s bags got unpacked once our flights were canceled and the earliest return trip to Boston was five days away.  FIVE days!!  That is right, even going to the airport in person didn’t change that unless she wanted to sit in the airport on standby for three days she had to accept we were staying until next Sunday.

I was happy, her family was happy, even the airline counterman was happy but HT had to be convinced since she was worried about work.  After talking to her boss she was happy too.

So today to celebrate we walked down Historic Elm street in Greensboro, North Carolina, took more pictures and got threatened by hoarders in a trash store because of her picture taking.  I swear you can’t take her anywhere.

Whether you’re in the snow or not enjoy your last few days in 2010 and we’ll see you in 2011.

Zombie Frank is Missing & 10 places he could be

We arrived back in Boston earlier today but it was while on our direct flight, between the snacks and a Blue Moon that my Human (HT) realized that Zombie Frank was not with the rest of the motley crew. At first she wasn’t concerned, this could have been due to the Blue Moon or her haphazard packing the night before and she just assumed he’d turn up.

I am not too concerned myself after all he is a zombie finger puppet- it isn’t like he can die. On this trip along with 1up, Mr. Big, Anti (my ant stunt double) and Zombie Frank, HT brought along Star yet another Mario Brothers creature. They all got a picture or two but it was Zombie Frank’s time to shine; he got special treatment in Saint Augustine in front of some old fort, meeting and conversing with a ten month old baby as well as hanging out at the Asian gardens in the Jacksonville Zoo.

Rather than frantically rip apart her still packed luggage I’ve convinced HT to eat some more chocolate and imagine where he could be. Here are the top ten likely places (not including her luggage).

One-  Still lounging by the koi pond at the Jacksonville Zoo

Two-  Rolling around on the floor of a jetBlue plane

Three-  The new best friend of a gorilla

Four-  Eating that last piece of addictive cake back in Jacksonville

Five-  Hitching a ride back to the yummiest ice cream place on St. George’s street in St. Augustine

Six-  Inside Mr. Big… he sometimes gets a hankering for zombie meat

Seven-  Mistakenly thrown in the trash

Eight-  Left in the airport

Nine-  Dropped into a toilet and now surfing through underwater streams

Ten-  Kidnapped by aliens who are now going to teach him how to take out the evil Dr. Rush on Stargate Universe (Okay the last one can’t count since Dr. Rush could clearly take out all the aliens and Zombie Frank with just a glare from his piercing eyes)

Really Ten but technically Eleven-  A new chew toy for a rather adorable Chihuahua

Fung Wah all the way to K-Town

DSC01117.JPGPhoto Credit: Jim Shank via Flickr

No sad attempts at poetry this week HT & I are too busy gearing up for our K-Town trip via the Fung Wah bus.

You know you’re jealous.  Exploring a small corner in New York City for the day, shopping and eating.  That is if we survive the bus ride.

While we’re out eating live octopus and playing the ultimate tourist you can catch up on some of  our adventures this year.  Salem Willows, and our Texas vacation are the most recent from Explore 2010.

“I think Fung Wah may be inspiration for some more badly written poetry.”

What would you like us to bring you back?

Salem Willows: Family, Fish & Food

Salem Willows
Recently we went to the family friendly park in Salem, Mass and I became so intrigued about its past that I made Human Translator look it up. In 1801, decades before it would become a park white willow trees were planted to cheer up the patients being treated at the old smallpox hospital. Later, its grounds were filled with restaurants, rides and jazz concerts. The first ice cream cone was offered there in 1901. Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong all performed in the Charleshurst Ballroom. Now that you have an idea of what Salem Willows was like in its heyday explore it through my eyes.

“Really Eliza? I don’t think they’ll ask you about the carousel ride since you didn’t make the height requirement. He he he!”

Really HT, you want to go down this road? It’s a short one. Ha ha ha! Enough! We can trade insults later.

Salem Willows is for Family

Family Time at Salem Willows
Parents, couples, young and old flock like a bunch of seagulls to the seaside park.

Flock like a bunch of seagulls. I think I just threw up in my mouth.”

Swallow it and keep writing.

Mature couples on a date and people enjoying their lunch break. With swimming, plenty of benches and an arcade, families of any size can find plenty to do on a summer afternoon.

Salem Willows is for Fishing

Fishing at Salem WillowsThere is a pier at the park which while we were there had plenty to see and do. A private party boat was loading their musicians and beverages both of which my human seemed particularly curious about. But I had bigger fish to fry, mainly the one in the pictures below.

Some called it a striper others a bass but whatever it was kept me and at least the fifteen people watching it get caught entertained. The fisherman and an assistant ended up dragging to the rocky shore since it was too heavy to be hoisted on its hook. Regardless, everyone but the fish was satisfied with the catch.

Salem Willows is for Food

Chicken Chop SueyAfter working up an appetite watching people fish we decided to hit the row of carnival like food counters. We got to choose from ice cream, hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn, ice cream, and Chinese food. Yes, you can get ice cream at almost every counter and there is a Chinese takeout place, complete with a Chicken Chop Suey sandwich for less than 2 dollars. This worm look-a-like sandwich, an ice coffee and small ice cream all came in for less than 5 dollars. That’s right… a bargain.

Our visit was cut short but in retrospect instead of disappointing us that we didn’t get to ride the carousel, it just whetted our appetites for more.

Texas 2010: Houston, we’ve arrived… almost

Written on the plane to Houston on 7/30/2010

Texas 2010: Public Transportation to Logan Airport

Written while waiting at Logan Airport on 7/30/2010

Riding the Commuter Rail

We caught an early express to North Station this morning. People were a bit pushy, but that is the norm. The conductor was very amusing, and recognized Bebe (who is a regular).  He was stationed in San Antonio years ago and was excited to hear we were eventually headed there.

Texas 2010: The Motley Crew Goes on Vacation

Human Translator and Bebe were infected with the travel bug and are headed to Texas for a long weekend. After much persuasion, i.e. nagging, she agreed to bring the motley crew along. Naturally, I too am going, HT’s wearing her lovely wide brim hat that totally clashes with her outfit just for me so I can enjoy the trains, cabs, and planes with an unobstructed view.

Explore 2010: Urban Decay on the way to Halibut Point

View Urban Decay '10 #1

Over the weekend and on the way to Halibut Point, a State park which is primarily a granite quarry, my human got lost.  After living on Cape Ann and this being her second visit to the park you’d think she would know where to go.

Can you tell me how to get...

Taking a left instead of a right on 127 she got back into Gloucester before she knew she was going the wrong way.  More than one helpful person gave her directions.  Some even taking time out of their campaigning to help out.  Next, HT drove by King Beach.  (Look for a post about that later this week!)   The last time she had been there was to take pictures when a dam broke and flooded the area.


Then she stopped short when she spied a great view of a breakwater.  While taking pictures of fighting fisherman she  noticed the side door to the dilapidated building was open, beckoning her inside.    Walking in HT found busted cars, busted windows, even busted floors.  Not wanting to miss any time at Halibut Park she made a note to go back  later and was on her way.

Do you have a urban exploration story you’d like to share? My human learned to bring someone else with her after she almost walked over snow covered holes in the ground.  She never would have heard the end of it.

This is part of our new Explore 2010 series.

 Wherever you are, get out and explore.

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