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First Recipe Video!!

*Note: I took down this video because the high pitched noises were killing off the worldwide bat population.  Until my human can speak without helium she will no longer be speaking during videos!

Although our VJ star (Bebe) called out sick, we were able to through our first recipe video together.

“Is that really how you say a VJ?”

I don’t know, you’re the human, you should!  Check out our first attempt to show how-to make some of our favorite recipes.

Here are a few things you should know before you watch:

  • If you’re expecting gourmet, keep clicking
  • Our camera has seemed to stop auto-focusing (very upsetting) so it’s blurrier than my Human’s eye sight
  • If high pitched noises bother you, the voice you hear will disturb you.

  • Don’t want to watch the video?  Check out Eliza’s “Fake Summer Rolls for a more traditional format.

    Eliza’s Fake Summer Rolls

    Hello, welcome back to Opinionated Ant.
    Hungry? I was so I nagged my Human into making her fresh summer rolls. Before she would let me eat them though we had to make a how-to video. Normally, Bebe the Concert Aficionado would be in her princess apron and lording over the kitchen, but she was excused since she handed in her doctors note. We can’t afford to get sick you know. And neither can you so before you start please wash your hands.

    “End of Public Health announcement.”

    I was wondering when you’d butt in Human.
    Here’s our recipe sans video… if you’d prefer an audio demonstration go here.

    Taco Bell. Fast Food, Slow

    Taco Bell Nachos Tacos 4-8-092

    Taken by stevendepolo on Flickr

    As written by humanoid:

    This isn’t about Taco Bell in general or it’s effect on your digestive system but rather one particular Taco Bell that is, well, slow.

    No pointing fingers, no laying blame but the Taco Bell nearby is plagued with discontent. Employees, customers alike even the air is thick with strife. Why? It’s too slow. Fast food chains time each transaction (most retail stores do too) trying to squeeze every penny.

    Human, people don’t want to hear statistics, they want the good stuff.

    “The good stuff?”

    Yes, like, “You stupid” or that crazy lady.

    “Do you want to tell this story?”

    Yes, it is my blog.


    Eliza Digs Sweets

    yummy yummy

    From MR+G on Flickr

    Well, not literally, I’m not a dog!  I love all food in general but here are a few recipes I’ve found online that I salivate just looking at.


    Kahlua Cake- Third down in post.  Yum, Kahlua …

    Pan Sautéed Nectarine Wedges with Coconut Ice Cream~ With Rum…

    Orange and poppyseed cupcakes with passionfruit butter cream~ I like step-by-step directions, my human has a smaller chance of messing things up.

    Where do I find my favorite recipes? Usually in my human’s mind, although 50% of the time her concoctions are terrible. Since she is an unreliable source, I have turned to books and websites.

    Here are a few newly discovered food sites I can’t wait to investigate further. Now if only I can convince BeBe to cook for us it will be a guaranteed success.

    Beach Eats~  The Diva on a Diet and she’s fierce!

    Picky Cook~ Beautiful site, delicious food.

    Lightbulb Cuisine~ It’s a Easy Bake Oven Blog, so intriguing and their Fudge is no joke.


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