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HTs First Outdoor Portrait Fumble

Lately my human has been TV, AV, M, and Ping her little heart out playing around with her new camera. Too bad she hasn’t a clue and then needs to have her settings reset by long suffering friends.  For some obscure reason she has become fixated on practicing with non-ant or plants as models and is sticking to Homo sapiens. Boring isn’t it? When she has me a drop dead diva right in her very own home.

“I don’t think the world is prepared for your outstanding looks just yet Eliza Leigh.”

Yes, humans are always a step or two behind nature. But before you go off on some ecological rant and please don’t throw the token oil spill into this- those never happen anymore- tell us about your first photo shoot. Ooh wait I’ll interview you!

“How exciting. Do I have a choice?”

No. Great. Now then, Human Translator tell us about your plans for your outdoor photo shoot last weekend.

“Well, I had some company so Bebe agreed to take some pictures with her young cousin. I got her a few different outfits one dress was 60% wool so I decided to put her into a burgundy sleeveless satin thinking it would be a bit more comfortable. With her cousin G who had on a cute outfit complete with a vest the plan was to go to the Salem Commons and use the gazebo, trees and park as backdrops.”

God, that was boring. So how did it work out? And wouldn’t satin show sweat marks more?

“What am I Martha Stewart? I guess satin would stain more but it was supposed to be overcast so I thought it might be a bit cooler. Any ways, she refused to wear it but wore her own outfit, which was actually very cute and girly. G insisted on wearing about 300, okay at least 30, of those trendy rubber bracelets. What are they called?”

Silly Bandz.

“Right and I wouldn’t recommendwearing a gazillion of them any ways so I had to change the look of my shoot from dressy to casual rocker kid and gave him a faux hawk.  I took a few shots right before we left and my 4g memory card filled up so I ran upstairs and made space and finally we were on our way.  Except Bebe who was driving didn’t know how to get there and I forgot.  So we drove around lost-”

Wait a minute.  Are you telling me that you couldn’t find the Salem Commons which is less that TWO miles and FIVE minutes from your house?

“Err, I was distracted?  And hungry.  In fact we were all starving.  So Bebe roamed around half-heartedly looking for the Commons or any place really and G fell and asleep and sweated his faux hawk away, as well as his good mood.  Desperate, hungry and losing control over my models before we even got to our location we pulled over where there was ocean access and some lovely trees.”

The subject if not the capture is one of my favorites

“I started taking pictures like usual apart from using every setting but auto… okay fine I did use it a little because I got nervous that I messed up all my settings on Manual.  Then I started using a Speedlite flash while under the trees and again just kept changing the settings and winging it.”

But isn’t that what you usually do?

“Yes, but when I’m taking pictures of building or nature they can’t talk back to me or complain that they are thirsty.  But we left pretty quick quenched our hunger and thirst and I reviewed the results of my first foray into portraiture.”

And how do you think it went?

“Not that bad and fun.”

Let’s recap.  You got lost, you had wardrobe switches, bad hair, model meltdowns and camera woes and you think it was not bad and fun?  Quick take a picture of my disbelief.

Human Translator will add a list of useful to dos or not to don’ts that she learned after this fiasco later this week.  In the meantime check out some of the shots.

Here are a few more on Picasa which my human hasn’t been using since our Blogger days.

View all Or if you prefer Flickr check it out here

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