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Humans are made of Idiosyncrasies

It took me some time to figure this one out but after living in the human world for a while it finally dawned on me that humans are weird.  Those always searching for normalcy or to fit in are living in a fantasy world because there can be no normal.

Idiosyncrasy is defined as:
An individualizing quality or characteristic of a person or group, and is often used to express eccentricity or peculiarity

Types of Idiosyncrasies
Idiosyncrasies can be personality quirks, mannerisms, and little habits that become part of the person that exhibits them.  For instance, you may have to pick the third milk from the front or you can only eat a tuna fish sandwich with Ruffle chips inside.

Lately, HT and I have been enjoying sharing our pet peeves, pointing the finger at others complaining of their annoying habits but I thought it would be a great idea to examine the little quirks and weird habits that people, real and fictional possess in a more celebratory sort of way.  This will be a series of more than one but I thought it would only fair to start with us and when I say us I mean HT because, naturally, I am perfect and not a humanoid.

Why am I starting with my Human Translator?  Because I live in her house and see her more than the rest of you.  Let’s face it I’m judging the entire human race solely on my close observations of her temperament, mental facilities and personal hygiene.  I got to tell you based on that you are one seriously doomed species.

We’ll keep it simple, just five idiosyncrasies about each person.  Maybe you have one or two on this list?  Don’t be shy to share… remember it is for posterity.

Five of HT’s many Idiosyncrasies

1-       She thinks she is allergic to coffee.

Since quitting soda 15 months ago anytime she drinks coffee things get a little weird.  Crazy dreams, bug out eyes that bug out even more, increased hyperactivity and decreased productivity.

2-      She quotes songs and movies to herself and all listeners willing or otherwise.

For example, while typing “because there can be no normal” in the first paragraph she said aloud, “There can be only one…” in her best manly Highlander voice.  Some of her most commonly used quotes are from The Fifth Element like evil Zorg’s/Gary Oldman’s “I know” line.   Plus, she added one right into this post so extra points for the one that gets it.

3-      She continues conversations in her head but forgets to say it aloud.

The first time she answered a question I hadn’t even asked her yet scared me… I thought she was Shawn Spencer’s long lost sister.  Oh wait; he is just an ADHD smart alec.  Hold up, they are related!  Sometimes, she’ll hop from topic to topic and spin you around so much that when she answers your original question you don’t remember why you asked it to begin with.

4-      She always checks, sometimes multiple times that her phone is really turned off after hanging it up.

Paranoid that maybe the aliens who have tapped her phone will hear top secret information.

5-      She taps incessantly.  Especially while stuck in traffic or trying to fall asleep.

Sadly for her and us she has no rhythm.

EDIT:  It was after visiting good ole Wikipedia that HT stumbled across this bit of  compelling information and laughingly cried “NO!”  She is now double checking the sources.  Don’t worry not all people with idiosyncrasies are eccentrics.  Click on picture to make bigger.

Signs you may be an eccentric

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