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Can Ants Smell?

Can Ants Smell?  Myrmician can take their pictures!Photo Credit: Myrmician on Flickr

Although ants do not have a nasal cavity like humans they have antennae. These are used as a means of communication through the use of chemical signals.  In this way forager ants who scout out ahead of the colony are able to send a signal, by releasing pheromones, that the other ants can pick up that it’s time to eat.  

Ant’s use smells not only to find food but to warn others of eminent danger, death or to distinguish which colony the ant is from.

So don’t be surprised the next time you have a horde of ants crash your picnic and notice that they are before most of your guests.

“This was very informative, Eliza.  Just curious what prompted you to ask that question.”

Because I can smell your dinner burning.  I suppose the real question should be Can Humans Cook?

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