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Eliza Excerpts

A message from the author:
Enjoy snippets from Eliza Leigh’s Memoirs.  They are in no particular order so check back often and read Eliza Excerpts

As told by Eliza Leigh~

When I was very young I dreamed of being a queen.  My colony was quite large so we had more than one queen at a time.  My mother was the oldest, at least 20 human years.  She would tell me how one day I would be a queen like her.

Sadly, a Hurricane destroyed that dream.  I was still in my formative years when the “great storm” (possibly Wilma) struck.  Queens are determined by the nutrition they receive as baby ants, or larvae.  This is the case in any ant colony and ours was no different.  Fighting to survive the “great storm” that ripped our nest asunder caused my proper nutrition to naturally become a luxury.  Once the storm abated, work began to repair our home and clean up the carnage left behind.

It was because of this that my mother and queen recognized that although I had entered the work force through necessity I was rather good at my job.  Instead of me, one of my sisters (a breeder) would rule beside our mother and I would continue on to find my destiny.

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