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Interesting Posts from August 2011

Here are a few posts from last month that tickled my fancy.


Sometimes it is as simple as this post by Scott Bourne-> How to “LOOK” at a photograph.

Enjoyed this interview of Bailey & Banjo on pet photography at Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier and am curious if they’d take a picture of my pet.

“Eliza, you don’t have any pets.”

But I have you human.


Found this blog, Instapoem. You write a poem in five minutes using daily prompt. Sounds like fun. 1

Here’s a roundup post by Nathan Bransford that taught me things. Two of them:
He has a forum & there is a REAL John Locke! 2

I saw the movie Cowboy’s and Aliens. Liked it but I went in with no expectations. This post broke it down from a writers viewpoint. Read it.

Pop Culture

James Taylor is offering free guitar lessons. 3 Now if only HT didn’t break hers.

“I didn’t break it- you gave it to your termite friends.”

You told me to be a good hostess.

A DIY from U Create 4

Learn to make your own tee’s with your favorite movie quote or saying. HT what would your shirt say?

“I saw something nasty in the woodshed.”

You need help.

Did you have any favorite posts from August?  Or maybe one in September?  Share them with us here, Facebook or Twitter.

  1. via +DebbieOhi
  2. via @NathanBransford on Twitter
  3. via Open Culture 
  4. via @dishwaterdreams on Twitter

9/2010 in Review:

This past month eL & I haven’t been online as much but here are a few lovely links for you to enjoy during your weekend reads.


Not in This Toad’s Backyard.  Defeater of crazy yello ants.

Slackers and parasites can sometimes make the best partners.  Not only an interesting look at the life of  whistling-thorn acacia and the four types of ants that it interacts with throughout its life but interesting comments too.


Miyazaki Supervises Bandai’s Nausicaä Gunship Model  (eL will dream of flying it if I buy it)


2010-8 Aruba-1265-2.jpg

Julian Cohen

Dylan Reibling - Portrait

carl heindl


 Fading Summer

Chinatown Herbs

Blog Posts

An UnExpected Song-part 2.  Part of Just Chick Flicks part in Hollywood Fantasy Movie Draft.  Read the first post here.

#FridayFlash:  The Red Tram Read it.

No Playing Around Revisiting old haunts one photographer wonders where are all the people.  Check out all the signs in the pictures.

8/2010 in Review: Ants & Entertainment


Big Think shares “Dr. Bugs” theory on how ants and humans are alike and how dirty humans still have so much to learn.

Yes it’s true.  I may be the only mutant ant but there have been zombie ants longer than all of you humanoids. It’s a tragic but fascinating way to die just keep that fungi away from me!


Ant & Entertainment news:  Could Ant-Man play a super-spy in his own movie?

From Ant-Man to Space Pirate fighting Pig-Man.  Porco Rosso sequel could be in the works by Ghibli Studios or is it a case of mistranslation?

Favorite Blog Posts

Top 3 Eyelid Lifting Exercises

Because even though I’ll never have this problem HT isn’t getting or looking any younger.

19 handy things to do with a little leftover lemon

Initiative#26: Bus conversations and question marks

Makes you reflect less on the smelly and more of the social ascepts of public transportation.  Just a heads up we survived our road trip to K-Town via Chinatown bus!

2009 Reflections: 16 Opinionated Ant posts to read while bored

The year was full of surprises and challenges both good and different.  Our posting was sporadic at best but we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.   By the end of the year, my humanoid had a firmer grasp on what this blog is precisely and even a better tag line!

Two fictional characters blogging fictionalized facts.

Although, I’m not sure who the fictional characters are.  Hmm… anyways we also changed the look a few times and have started ruminating on a few new challenges for 2010.  Hope your 2009 was every bit as exciting as ours and share your 2009 round ups below.

In the News: Eliza’s Picks

My human hates watching the news.  So invariably I try to bombard her with current events as much as possible.  Here are a few things that popped out to me this week, some may not be new or headline but they are new to me.

SR 519 Aug 18 003credit:  Washington State Dept of Transportation on Flickr “Naturally she’s obsessed with entertainment.” 

Can’t forget Ponyo! Plus, some suggest it’ll make the $10 million mark so if you haven’t seen it yet go today. One more Ponyo post I found that was insightful and made me want to see it again.


Cash for Clunkers out of gas
Pittsburgh’s Walkability
Check your neighborhood’s walkability score

Found a live stream of the Blyman Bridge in Gloucester, MA.
Just curious, why would you watch that all day?  Perhaps you’re waiting to catch someone else on your boat?  Remind me never to walk across that bridge, makes me feel like Eagle Eye or something.

Tokyo hotel concept as part of exhibit that ends August 29, 2009.

Found a Flickr Group for World Bridge Construction.

Sweets:  All food is sweet to eL

Bo Luc Lac: Translation, yum.
How I like my soup- cold.
It’s been two months without pizza and I have to see this!
Species:  Humans and other life forms

Michael Jackson death ruled homicide and would’ve been 51 yesterday. Spike Lee event yesterday to remember him.

Ted Kennedy died after battling brain cancer.

Mako shark caught in Massachusetts on August 28, 2009.

What do you do with 20,000 dead ants? Make a sculpture, of course.

Ponyo postercredit:  reggaedori on Flickr
Mako Sharkcredit:  rengber on Flickr

“Eliza, that is one strange combination of news.  Especially since there is very little news.  You should change the title to eL’s Links of Week or something.”

Don’t question genius.  Now get back to working on my memoir.  Where were we?  Then she became ruler over the world and made all humans her slave.

”Are you writing your own memoirs again?  It’s not supposed to be fantasy but factual.  Although, coming from you it’s all fiction anyways isn’t it?”

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