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Snapped: Salem Sailing


Snapped: Motley Crew eats Cake


After the cake and chocolate swim Zombie Frank went into a sugar coma and we had to call The Doctor.

Snapped: At PEM


Anyone guess what the boy is holding in the picture?  Hint: it was bought at HMart.

Snapped: It snowed on April 1st… really!

Hey strangers… I’m sure you’ve been as busy as HT & I & Mother Nature for that matter.  How many of you got snow on April 1st this year?

HT was off to visit some friends in Gloucester and mentioned she was going to hit the beach first in passing.  Clearly, I am the only one who watches the news so I said I’d stay home and watch The Pebble and the Penguin.  Somehow warning her to put on a coat or be prepared for snow escaped my mind!

Snapped: Lynn Shore Drive

Lynn Shore Drive Manual Style

Instead of blogging HT has been playing hookey and exploring her neighborhood.  Exploring is code word for getting lost.  Have a great weekend!

Snapped: Old Salem North Carolina


Snapped: At Old Salem North Carolina


Snapped: Body Shop


Snapped: Summer days are still far away


Snapped: Chocolate 1UP Mario Mushroom


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