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Trying out Twenty Eleven and making a mess!

Trying out Twenty Eleven & making a mess! Getting ready to unhibernate1 on August 1, 2011

  1. You know what I mean.

Monday, Monday… what a circus!

This past Monday was a free for all for HT (or free-fall as she calls it). It was completely ruled by Murphy’s Law. Sit back and be prepared to be amazed.

Listen while you read!

It was a miracle in its own right, her temperamental car starting in subzero temperatures. But by the time she came home from her first errand she had to cancel all her other plans to call her doctor instead (Boo hoo for her I say). She’s fine other than sciatica issues . I swear she’s not yet 30 and already she’s falling apart.

Next she realized MY site was down because thinking and setting up automatic payments with hosting site are two very different things.

After that the day seemed to be going in the right direction again, she even got cooking and cleaning done but just around her bedtime things got screwy.
I mean a train wreck screwy if it was actually inflatable trains full of fuddled clowns.

Past Pet Peeves

We’re still in Florida just wanted to remind you.

“Technically, it is Monday night and I haven’t even started packing yet.”

Technically, this is going to be a scheduled post so no one needed to know that but now everyone does so let’s try this again.  We should still be enjoying our Floridian vacation when this little blip pops up on your radar.  Rereading these old posts caused my Human and a few friends more than one minute of merriment so check out these pet peeves.  The first three are a series by everyone but me it seems, I feel left out.

10 things that may one day make me snap

10 More Pet Peeves

Your Pet Peeves

This is an older post but definitely worth a glimpse.
Pet Peeves at the Movies: What’s Yours?

HT is Grounded for taking a blogging break without permission

Occasionally my humanoid translator turns off her brain. I may be the mutant but she is truly the freak of nature. She writes down my words of wisdom in stacks of notebooks but does she post them here? No!

Is this green? No. Did you know I was talking in my best Chris Tucker voice? You would have if you’ve watched The Fifth Element as many times as me.

Since her weekend was already jam packed with activities I’ve decided that her punishment will be two-fold. First, she will have to bring me with her EVERYWHERE she goes. Secondly, she needs to make a video of her first attempt at Kimchi.

That might be punishing all of us, her cooking or her attempt to document it, but I feel it is letting her off easy for not coming here in two weeks! Some posts she still has yet to post that I am anxious to share with you was the big Fung Wah trip to Koreatown. Almost 400 pictures later I have a few favorites. I think I may have her post a few pieces of her forgotten poetry too. Talk about humiliation galore!

What about you? Do you ever get caught up and forgot to post or stare at the screen and whine, “I don’t wanna”?

What’s Your Serenade Request?

A serenade in the city

By Miggslives on Flickr

Your Pet Peeves

As told by Humanoid Translator

While Eliza Leigh is jumping on the keys of my cell phone in the other room, no doubt leaving obnoxious tweets, I’m commandeering her blog yet again to share some more pet peeves with you.  These are unique because they were shared as comments in the post 10 More Pet Peeves.  Maybe one is yours.

10 More Pet Peeves

As told by Human Translator

I enjoyed sharing my rage inducers so much in my last post, 10 things that may one day make me snap, that I put Eliza Leigh in timeout, the shoe box to be precise, so I could share 10 more pet peeves.

10 things that may one day make me snap

Taken by MinivanNinja on Flickr

As told by human translator while Eliza Leigh is still in a sugar induced coma

I am an easy going person; you’d have to be to put up with a highly opinionated mutant ant like eL. However, there are a few things that slip under my skin and make me hold back my Hulk-like transformation with all my might. Believe me no one wants to see me turn green, rip off my shirt or jump out of a plane.

One… leaving an empty roll on toilet paper holder

You’re asking for a rampaging woman if you leave the rolls empty in the bathroom. I’m not sure which is worse having four full rolls sitting on the counter because you were too busy that you couldn’t multitask and refill the roll while on your throne or leaving an incomplete magazine as an alternative. I hope you didn’t want to finish reading that article on clean eating.

Two… cutting me off and then braking

You’re asking for a death warrant if you make me tap let alone slam on my brakes after you almost cause a ten car pileup because you were in such a rush to go ten miles below the speed limit in front of me.

Three… waking me up in the middle of the afternoon for an asinine reason

If you want to know what time Market Basket closes Google it or use the phone that you are harassing me with and call Customer Service. And if you don’t know what Market Basket is then why would you want to go there in the first place?

Four… Pushing people in line

Do you really think pushing someone into an immovable object is going to get you somewhere? And they call me delusional.

Five… Using your cell phone while being waited on and then making everyone else wait while you finish your uber important conversation

If I wanted to hear about your abysmal love life then I would ask you, but hearing it while the cashier is waiting for you to pay and my ice cream melts is bound to cause me to have little sympathy for you when you cry that your boyfriend called you a selfish shrew. Can I have his number?

Six… talking on your phone in public bathrooms

Another cell phone issue, don’t talk in a public bathroom especially if it is a professional call. I will repeatedly flush the toilet and set off the dryers and then run giggling like a ten year old. Test me, please.

Seven…telling me a story when I say I don’t want to hear it

Seriously, if I say I don’t want to hear in minute detail how that guy on I Shouldn’t Be Alive survived or how that sappy Lifetime movie played out… I mean it.

Eight…being told when I can and can’t cheat while on a diet

If I listened to you then it wouldn’t be cheating now would it? Don’t ever attempt to keep me from a McDonald’s ice cream if I want one.

Nine… being ignored when you’re doing it to annoy me

Don’t engage me in a conversation and then not respond to see how long I can keep my cool. Life is not a game of chicken and I will clobber you (or at least imagine it). If you ask me a question then acknowledge my response.

Finally the Tenth and main reason why I’ll end up in restraints…

Acute sleep deprivation

Any of the other complaints are just pesky pet peeves on their own but coupled with acute sleep deprivation are disasters waiting to happen.

If you think I’m bad multiply this list by 50

*Photo taken by MinivanNinja on Flickr

Lesson Learned: From Flat Tires


  • People will walk/drive by you and stare without saying anything.

    This didn’t bother me the ten times people passed us by until one man walked by REAL slow and then DROVE by real slow. He should’ve stopped and asked for my autograph. Incidentally, one woman stopped and the two guys that ultimately got my tire on.

  • Make sure you have the necessary tools in your trunk.
    Shocker, I did! Where they came from though I have no idea. Put the jack in the right place.
  • Make sure you put your jack in the right place.
    Don’t ask me where that is since I forgot already. Just not where I had it.
  • If you have a spare, check it for air occasionally.
    My spare is currently full of Fix-A-Flat. Another necessary in your car.
  • It is the whole wheel that needs to come off- not just the rubber part.
    I don’t think I can say much more…
  • Driving on a flat can bend your rim- even if it is only a very, very, very short distance.
    All the times I drove for long distances on a very, very, very low tire without a bent rim don’t count :)
  • If you have roadside assistance make sure you have the phone, card or whatever it is connected to with you.
    Speaking of roadside assistance-ours got lost & told my sister that he wasn’t going to look for us. So make sure you tell them the directions. I guess telling him three times wasn’t enough (okay maybe twice ;) .
  • Stand on the lug nut while trying to loosen the nuts.
    It is the small things that give you joy.
  • “I found this whole post about it on CMcKane’s posterous.”

    That is funny, who is this CMcKane and how did they know about our day?

    Note from the author: Please don’t tellEliza Leigh or her Humanoid Translator they are not real. End of public service announcement.

    100 Day Challenge~ What would you do?

    [poll id= "12"]

    “EL, I need to tell you something.”

    You burnt the cookies?

    “No, I didn’t bake any cookies.”

    You finally bought my penthouse.

    “Isn’t complete control of the living room enough? Now listen this is serious.”

    You went food shopping!

    “If this is what having kids is like I’ll stay childless.”

    Your future non-existent children thank you. What did you want to tell me? I’m very busy watching Bonnie Hunt.

    “I’ve been off soda for 3 months now and starting my next challenge.”

    What do you want a pat on the back, a cheer? Yay. There does that make you happy?

    “Err, thanks. No I want some ideas of what to do next. I’m thinking exercise daily for ten minutes.”


    “Excuse me?!”

    Sorry I’ll speak slower.  L a m e. El lamo.  You want a 100 day challenge? 10 minutes of exercise is no challenge.

    “Oh, well I’m waiting for one of your brilliant ideas.”

    Post on Opinionated Ant every day for 100 days.

    “Ha, ha. I’ve barely been posting 3 days a week. You start cooking & cleaning & I’ll think about it.”

    What about taking a picture every day?

    “That’s not a bad idea. Do you have any others?”

    Oh, what would you do without me? Prank someone everyday?

    “That requires way too much planning. Unless I could prank a certain ant I know everyday, hmm.”

    Learn a foreign word a day.

    “Eliza, you’re outdoing yourself. Go on.”

    Ooh, cook one meal a day.

    “And you lost me.”

    Fine lets put it to the readers. What would you do for a 100 day challenge?

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